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Infection From Shrimp Prick

Can anyone recall the bacteria or whatever it was that caused the infections from the people getting pricked by a shrimp. I remember reading about it on here a while back. I want to give a safety moment on it as people will begin fishing more with the warmer weather around the corner. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

David J.
I was always told it was a marina bacteria infection.
I think its vibrio or viro something or another??
Vibrio valnificus .
bad news !!!
Vibrio Vulnificus
Here's a link to a report I posted last summer while sitting in the hospital with a Vibrio infection! Not fun!

Capt. Travis Lovell
Vibro almost killed a good friend of mine a couple of years is no joke
Our friend nearly lost his life, and vibrio totally changed his life. He couldn't work for a year.
50 50 mixture
carry you a gallon jug of half water and half bleach.if you get cut or picked in dirty water dump some of this on the cut.i have it labeled in the boat as white lighting ,,,cheers
It doesnt have to be dirty water and you don't have to get cut or pricked by a shrimp or hook!!!
If you have a scratch and splash water on it that contains the vibrio virus you can contract it.
Vibrio Valnificus is a bacteria that is in salt water.
The same guy that marsh and hopper are talking
about got it in his lower leg and never got in the water as far as we know.
Luckily he is in the medical profession and knew right away when the swelling and pain started to get to an emergency room fast.
Bleach is the best thing to use to prevent getting it.
i know of 2 folks that have cotracted it in there hands from getting a finger pricked by shrimp horns when baiting a hook w/ live shrimp.
It seems to take anywhere from 8 to 24 hrs to manifest itself and show symptoms.
If you experiance localized pain and swelling after being in or near salt water ,especially after fishing, get to an emergency room and make sure the doctor knows to check for vibrio!!!
If you have ever seen the effects of this bacteria you will not delay at all.