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A close place to fish

Hello everyone, I just signed up for Sportsman and was wondering if anyone knew the nearest place to Gonzales LA to do some salt water fishing? I have a boat so no place is out of the question. If anyone knows any places nearby please email or comment. Thank You.
Close place to fish
From reading your post I get the impression either you are new to the area or you are just starting to saltwater fish.
With both in mind I have several suggestions. The Pontchartrain Lake area is probably your closest. All of the coastal areas have great fishing. You have areas from Cocodrie to Venice. The best thing you can do is find someone that fishes those areas and go with them. Don't try and learn to big of an area at once. Learn a little bit of it at a time.
Another suggestion is to get with a guide and let them show you the area. I feel it would be money well spent not only learning the area but diffrent techniques.
close n salty
You can go to norco and ride the spillway levee to a lil park playground, nature trail, and fishing area with a small pier.

Mandeville has a pier called sunset point. There is a pier that goes quite a-ways out into ponchtrain. Its lit at night and people fish. I was there 2 weekends ago and they were catching right before dark, few trouts and reds, shrimp on the bottom. also u could go madisonville and go to the end of the road where the tfunctche (sp?) river meets lake ponchtrain. (Maybe flooded for now) We also saw a sea otter when we were at sunset point.

There is seabrook/frank davis pier. They are doing A LOT of construction and I couldn't find it on a hermit crab hunting trip. (Long story. lol)

Slidell is probably the next closest, chef pass around the hwy90 bridge. Lots of traffic be careful if ya bring young uns, make sure you have a license too.

Rigolets marina may habve live bait, get some, bring/buy an aerator n bucket to keep your bait alive, or bring a cast net and catch your own. Good luck.

Not sure what you consider close? I would suggest the Bayou Dularge area. Can fish there year round & in just about any kind of weather. It's about 1 1/2 hour drive, I do it 2 or 3 times a week from Prairieville when I'm off work.
Golden Meadow and Leeville
Golden Meadow and Leeville are good.Good launches and bait sources. What size boat do you have? These areas have a lot of marsh and canals if it gets too windy. I'm in Prairieville so they're ar about a couple of hours with good hwys(for La.!) to them. Good luck.
lafitte is a great place to fish. about 11/2 hour drive. you can also launch at pier 90, about 40min drive, run across lake catouachie into lake salvador fish the west bank all the way down. lake salvador may be very fresh with the diversion opened up but im sure you could still find some reds out there. if not its only about 20 mins or so boat ride to lafitte from there also. depends on your boat.
Instead of being the closest, choose an area that is the most consistent producer and easiest to fish during the spring. I would vote for Delacroix. The marina owners will point you in the general direction which is a big plus. Probably close to a 2 hour trip for you. Ponchatrain is the closest but the few trips I have taken has been mostly fishing and little catching. Any good areas is gonna run you 2-3 hours from Gonzales.