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Afternoon Sac-a-lait Trip

Love these longer days! Took a ride out to the swamp with my son Chris to catch a few sacs. Even though it was a bluebird day we still managed to catch 25-30 nice sacs. Probably could have done better waiting for a cloudy day but today was the only day I could go due to charter trips the rest of the week. Chris and I fished with tube jigs in various colors and the fish were holding tight to the trees and other structure. We saw nesting woodducks by the hundreds and even had a young owl swoop down and steal a small sac right off the line! Thats a first! Eagles everywhere, just a great day to be on the water. Good luck fishing.

Capt Bill Lake
Capt Bill,new bullets will be there today..JD
Thanks JD, new colors are awesome. Can't wait to try them out this weekend!
A few more pics...........
I too took a shot and went out to see if I could catch a few yesterday with the blue bird sky. Went down the natalbany river.
My experience was totally opposite from yours though. Fish were biting basically in the middle of the cove we were in, away from any cover at all. And simply WOULD NOT BITE when the sun wasn't shining directly on the water.. I thought it was really strange until i finally figured out what they were feeding on. They were schooling up new born shiny bait fish right in the middle and feeding on them. And I guess when the sun wasn't shining on the water, they couldn't see them as well, so they would just quit feeding. It was a pain to get the hang of what they wanted, but once we figured them out we were able to get about 20 before the sun tucked in behind the trees.
Strange as it is, they wouldn't hit a shinner. We started catching them on blue/white tube jigs fished about 1.5 ft under a cork, and would have to reel very slow through the schools of bait fish.