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What's your most Embarassing Momemt in Your Boat?

I thought this may be a humorous topic to get started, as for one,,, I have had more Embarrassing things happen to me over the years while in my boat, than I probably should admit....

Here's one:

I had just spent the better part of 2 days preparing my boat for a fun filled long weekend to be spent on a lake in North New Mexico, tent camping by boat with 3-4 other groups with boats. Spring time, cold water and the Smallies were turned on like crazy!

I had wet sanded my top cap, buffed her down real good, and put a finish coat of hard wax on her...... that rig was purdier than new ! Shined better than a new dime. Once all the groups met up, we went up the lake, made camp in a nice cove all to ourseleves.... the guys paired up ( we had mine and one other bassboat in our group, other 2 boats were cruisers), for the man thing and catch the dinner for the day. Me and my bud went futher up the lake, pulled off plane, went into another cove, turned big motor off, off came the lifevests, down went the troller, and the casting began.

About my 5th cast, I tied into a nearly 4 lb small mouth. As I brought him around to lip him, I made the mistake of stepping off the carpeted deck onto the freshly waxed top cap....Me with Pole in hand went out and over the side as my foot slipped out from under me. And naturally, there were only 4-5 other boats within viewing & laughing distance as I went in ! I retained the fish and the pole,,, my bud was laughing so hard, he was absolutely zero help getting my 1/2 frozen butt back into the boat. As funny as everyone, plus myself thought that to be, I ended up with an slightly growing egg on the side of my noggin... the fun could have turned bad if I'd knocked myself out hitting the side of my boat.. but as it were, all was good.
nice to hear laughter
well i did the usuall leave the plug out or take off with the achor still out but lucky me no accidents but after readin a bunch of peoples mis fortion i even keep my vest on till the boat is on the trailer lol take care n tight lines
Which way to turn?
Mine came after I took down my steering to clean the assembly. When I put it back together, everything seemed fine - until I put it on the water for a trip with Todd Masson.

I turned to the left and gave it some gas to head to the dock to pick Todd up, and the boat turned right into the middle of the canal.

The rods were switched, so all day long I had to remember to turn the opposite way I wanted to go. Todd tightened his life jacket every time we moved to a new spot, and sat down mumbling, 'We're going to die, we're going to die.'

We still laugh about that trip. But it was embarrassing.
That reminds me of the first Terry Bassboat with that deathwish push/pull steering stick I 'operated',,,, Jezz, them things ain't right! LOL !
Andy, a friend of mine did that a few years ago, and he launched his buddy out of the boat. I forgot to put the plug in twice, both times I had broken my preparation routine. The funniest was we launched at Ruddock, and were about a mile from the dock when I realized the fishing rods weren't in the rodholders on the sides of the center console I was standing behind. They were in the bed of the truck.
it wasn't really embarrassing but once I dressed as 'La Grimasse' and rode down the bayou out of Lafitte...

Oh the heads that were turned by a big purple dude heading south at 60 mph
Well i got a couple..

Was bass fishing in Catouachie a couple summers ago, had just caught one and saw em breaking on beatfish.. Got kinda excited and let the one in my hand go, then made a step to reposition the trolling motor... Well i had another rod across the floor and nearly stepped on it, in the process of avoiding it i lost balance and before i knew it i was in the water... Jumped back in pretty quick but i know the guys nearby were laughing hard...

More than once i have had to put the plug in from inside the boat.. One time it was pretty chilly and had a buddy holding my legs as i was head under water putting the plug in... Again this got numerous laughs!!!
Steering Cable on Backwards
My first boat was a 17' flat with telaflex steering and when it broke, me and my buddy just knew we could fix it, no problem right. The next day we launched at C Way Marina in Lafitte for the first time ever. Everything was fine until we went to turn right into the Intercostal about 50 yards from the marina but ended up darting left and plowing into the bank, NOT Good! We were teenagers at the time and really thought we were cool, but man were we embaressed when we saw a bunch of guys at the dock laughing at us. To top it off when we got unstuck we puttered back to the launch with our heads held in shame and pulled into the hoist backwards. That was the first and last time I ever launched at C Way!
Trolling Motor mishap.
There was this one time (about mid December)and my brother just got his new to him Skeeter and I decided to go out on my own and see what I could catch. So did 2 other boats with about 4-5 guys in each one. I got to a spot I wanted to fish and stopped, put down the trolling motor (70lb thrust on a 16'6' 900lb hull). Plugged it in not knowing it was on constant and on the hyper speed setting and turned to push the boat backwards. It took off and I got wet when that thing took off. It just kept going backwards with me 'swimming' in freezing cold water and the boat backed to the opposite bank and stopped in the mud. The other boats were idling past and the guys busted out laughing, but then laughter soon turned to hurry up and get him out. Boy was that a cold ride back to the launch.
Miss Haps
There are so many really messed up stories I remember on boats but one that always somes to come to mind was -- Fishing at the Trestles by myself , dropped the anchor , went to fishing , position seemed to change and turned around just in time to see the end of the anchor rope moving across the floor heading over the bow , ran to the front of the boat and the rope went over , water was clear and I could see it sinking ,split second decesion and I made the jump and got the rope turned around and made a few strokes to the boat and barely had enough slack to get up and grabbed the bow , boat was a 19 ft Mako with a high front , I was stretched out with the anchor rope in one hand and the bow in the other with a pretty stiff breeze going ,there was no chance of getting in over the bow so I worked my way around the side to the stern and tied the rope to an eye on the transom and climbed in ---- probally should have just thrown a treble hook and hoped to catch the anchor rope like a guy in a boat that pulled up right after it was all over said
teal scouting trip gone bad
i was scouting for teal season after Hurricane Gustav had passed, i was cruising thru a trenach(i know that is probably spelled wrong, but spellcheck can't help with cajun words) in an 18 ft flat with a Pro-Drive on it. when i turned a corner, there was a floatant blocking the trenache where there had never been one before. by the time i shut it down, i was high and dry. reverse did me no good, not when there is 10 ft of dry ground behind you. after wearing myself out trying to get the boat back in the water (we all know how hot it is for teal season), i tried calling all of my buddies, they were all either offshore or out of town. finally i called my wife to let her know i might be a while (a humbling experience in itself). she called wildlife and fisheries and 2 biologists came and pulled me out (backwards)with a mud boat. i am still thankful to those biologists. (i made sure to send a nice letter to their supervisor letting them know how thankful i was)
had a few
i had the dinosaur of trolling motors so i decided to get a motorguide with foot control. so im going fishing, get to the spot and went to try it out and didnt know it was on 5 speed. i never used one with a foot control. needless to say i was going everywhere but where i wanted to go. im doing donuts and its going in circles so fast i couldnt keep my balance. it was slinging me all over. another time..launched my boat and took all straps off the boat, back it in, in a hury and while the trailor is going in the water i remember nothing was holding my boat to the trailor and off went the boat, jumped out my truck and on the dock, then had to make a bigger jump to the boat so it wouldnt get away. and another time i was in a hurry to launch and i forgot to take the straps of the back of the boat which was connected to the trailor. tangipahoa river had a good current that day'. and i backed in and the the current pushed my boat and trailor in the dock and the wheels wasnt on cement anymore! both times i bet people was wondering what is wrong with this dude..and ofcourse i left the plug out the boat to, many times! so when there is a bunch of people standing around, waiting to launch there boat. dont get in a big hurry and do stupid things! be fast, but not dumb, like me!
Sam Rayburn
I was at Sam Rayburn about 8 years ago. It was Saturday, during the spring, and I was fishing a cove all by my lonesome. All of a Sudden the stomach pangs hit! and then hit and hit again! Before I knew it I was doubled over and ready to crap my drawers. It happened so quick and there was no one in that cove, I mean no one. I didn't have any toilet paper, but I had a nice white shirt.

Without a second thought I tore off my white shirt, hung my naked rear end off of the side of the boat and commenced to splattering the water. Well guess what, here comes a boat flying into the cove. I couldn't break it off either, and this man just stares at me. I thought he was going to tell me to stop polluting the lake, but he didn't. Embarrassed, I finished up wiped with my shirt and left.

Normally when the flying fua hits I have time to make it to a bank. Not on that particular occasion!

So embarrassing.
15 Years old
We stayed at the campground at Ellender's bridge off of Hwy. 27 for about three days on a duck hunting excursion.

It was around december, so it was cold. The first afternoon I wet most of my clothes falling in the water. Of course I didn't pack anything except underwear and sox. Well, everything was wet except some underwear and a couple pair of sox.

The next morning we went hunting and on the way back to the campground my hat was wet, so I put 2-3 pair of underwear on my head to shelter from the cold. We were flying down the Intracoastal waterway in my dad's boat. Me with some white underwear on my head. Everyone at the campground saw, but I really didn't care at the time. Actually the adults had some pity on us and we got free hot food.

Thought ya'll might get a kick out of that one.
How about being so excited to go fishing that you try to launch your boat with the transom straps still on while the landing is full of people just a anxious as you are.
well, my dad had a new anchor....we slowly nosed up to the bank and my mom hopped in front, grabbed it and tossed it out waaaaaay into the marsh. Unfortunately, no one had tied the rope.

I've got a few more but Andy would kill the post...they are funny but not 'family'
ac man
i didnt ever tie it down at the back of my boat to the trailor being i only live no more than a half mile to tangipahoa river but for some reason it was tied, and like the plug in the boat i guess you forget sometimes. stupid things happen when you dont pay attention
heres one
Fishing leeville back in December of 09. My buddy really had to go number 2 bad. Well as he's hanging off the side of the boat handling his business I'm throwing the cast net. Somehow I lose my balance and over I go. When I surface all I see is a full moon and him laughing. So not only was I soaking wet and freezing I had to swim around to the other side of the boat to avoid certain 'objects' floating in the water. Definitely a fishing trip that I hope never happens to me or anyone again.
Was not me, but amusing anyway
I was at a ramp waiting to launch,, and the typical yoyo's were tying up a 5 wide ramp, you know, loading everything in the boat,,, while backed down to the waters edge, yapping, complaining amoumgst each other,,, I thought it to be kinda funny as the 'regulars' were in line and ready,,,, the squaking was comical..several of us watched in sheer amusement.

One feller in a brand new Ranger right off the showroom floor, was finally able to get to launch his new toy after a much troublesome wait.He was one of the ones complaining about people trying up the ramp... sorta a loud guy, a PITA type.

As he and his friend was trying to launch his Ranger,,, they were evidently having trouble. Now the focus was on them, due to them now tying up the ramp, and the owner was all pizzed off anyway,,, now he was really getting upset. He could not get his boat off the trailer. They pull the boat back up on concrete, check for transom straps,,, Yep, they off,,bow hook undone,,, Yep,,,, back boat back into water,,,, rev motor up in reverse,,,, other guy is trying to push the boat off the trailer tounge,,, no help,,, boat would go back a little until driver gassed it,,,, back up on trailer it would go.

Fit to be tied and beaten,,,, they pull back out of the way to let others launch while they discuss the problem.They saying shifter is installed backwards.... funny..

I launch, tie up, pull truck to parking area, walking past the new boat,, I notice a counter-rotating propeller on the brand new Merc...

Whoever the person that installed the prop, either put the wrong one on,,,, or I prefer to think the new owner was such a pain in the azz to the dealership/employees, someone set him up,,, if that's the case,,,, it's one of the best pay backs I have ever seen.! This happened in New Mexico, and this particualr lake was a 2.5 hour drive from his dealership, and on a sunday,,,, so he was SOL to run his boat that weekend ! ! !