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Weapon Light

I'm thinking about purchasing a rail mount flash light to put on my Sigma for home/room defense instead of fumbling around for my flashlight. Any light you pistoleers recommend? Not exactly looking for a laser/light combo.
UTG Weapon Lights
I have a couple of these. They are nearly identical lights as the high dollar ones, military grade aluminum lights,but lots cheaper, have either rear of tube mometary switch or twist end of light for constant on/off, also come with a finger operated touch switch.I get all my stuff from ''
Is it the light/laser combo one?
'Lord I see's 'da light'
...what's wrong w/a good quality pen light ??? the hand of a 'streached out arm side-ways away from 'ya body' ???...a gun w/a light attached tells me 'ya hinee is right behind it...gott'a remember the most enjoyable home defense shoot'n is w/in 20ft...'ya should get the first shot and he might get'da the second aiming at the light that you two feet away from ???...cheers
Hmm. Good point Admiral. Could be used for home defense and night ops in the woods.
I picked up a couple Surefire G2 for about $35 each at Cabelas. I used to have the E2defender it has a strike bezel that could do some damage but I lost it $120 down the tubes. I agrree with the admiral use the light in your hand instead of on the gun
re: light
The UTG I spoke of is a knock off of the high dollar Surefly and the likes. 30 bucks versus the 135 high dollar ones. They have the strike bezels, machined alum construction,very well made, mine is 120 lumens, super bright.
Bright enough if you shine it at yerself, yer assured to knock yer beer over while reaching for it,,, reeel brite.

I have one with rail mounts on gun of mine, and the other light is used for all around use.

check em' out. R