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Paint advice

I'm attempting to paint letters and numbers onto a painted metal surface, which will be subjected to saltwater. I've tried Sharpies, and industrial paint markers, and none of the paint would hold when left in a bucket of saltwater for just an hour. Has anyone ever found a paint that might stick to such a slick surface and hold up to being submerged in saltwater?

Thanks in advance.
found anything yet?
have you found anything yet. what type of industrial paint did you use. i am a industrial paint project supervisor so i might be able to help u out. shoot me an email on the type of paint you used and where you are located and might be able to help with something from work.
I used to paint dump truck beds with a paint known as rig coat. The local paint store told me it was for sailboat hulls and such. Dump trucks take some abuse and are metal, maybe that helps

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