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Port Sulphur Report

Fished last Thursday and Sunday and both days were pretty tough. We fished hard Thursday and ended up coming home with 12 reds, 2 drum, 2 trout, and a flounder. Fished ponds off Grand Bayou but never did find a really good concentration of fish, a few here and a few there. Sunday was a better day for kite flying than fishing, and we couldn't find any clean water. The fish apparently had lock-jaw and we only had 1 red and a couple drum to show for our efforts (really a rough day!). What really sucked about Sunday was that we had the girls with us, and we really wanted them to catch a few reds. Oh well, that's why it's fishing and not catching. We did have a good time though and they didn't complain at all until about 3, and by that time even I was ready to throw in the towel. I promised to take them back out when we have more favorable conditions. Hope this wind lays a little for next weekend and lets the water clean up some.

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