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Can my truck tow this?

My uncle gave me permission to use his Ski Nautique this summer but I'm not too sure if my truck can tow it. I have a 99 Mazda B3000 (3.0 liter for those whom don't know) Troy Lee Edition 4x2 truck with a standard tranny. The boat weighs about 2500lbs loaded. Would this load be too much for my truck to tow? Thanks!
I would do it but dont take advice from me.I pull a 305 Robalo walkaround with my old F150 4x4!!
According to the truck specifications, you're really pushing it. (2580 pounds max) Moreover, if it is a steep ramp, you probably won't be able to pull that boat out of the water without 4wd. So to be safe and save some headache time at the launch, I wouldn't recommend it...

EDIT: Also, it depends on how far you will be towing it. If you're just going down the road a little ways, you should be okay.
Stopping concerns
It may pull the wieght, and at 2500 lbs, for a Natique is a little light I think. They are heavy purpose built boats.

The ability to stop the rig during a panic type stop would be my concern,,,, weight in motion has a tendency to push light trucks a bit..:)

towng skhi nautique
your problems will be the standard transmission and no 4 wheel drive at the launch. get someone to video this and you could win $100,000 on AFV then you can buy a grown up truck after you sink your Mazda
Like Allison said, towing it won't be that much of a problem. STOPPING it will be a problem. Used to fish a club with a guy that pulled a Blazer 202 with a V6 Dakota. He pulled it just fine, it was the stopping that was hard. If it was raining, he was screwed.
i watched a guy with a marginal truck smoke his tires to slicks trying to pull a boat out of the water at manchac . The boat was half full of water from waves because it was a marginal boat that was over loaded . he and his partner watched in awe as I idled( in 4WD Low range) and pulled our boat out of the water with a full size 4 wd five speed truck--marignal aint good for trucks trailers ( of any kind) boats ,outboards etc etc. you always get more than you actually need and never stress the equipment ( including you)
If you have use of the boat, find a friend with a bigger truck. Good luck.
The 5spd will actually help big time. It'll be far less strain on the truck than it would be with an automatic. Those little trucks really have a hard time pulling with an auto. As said before, brakes are probably your biggest issue. My buddy pulls his 18.5 foot predator bass boat with a v6/5spd yota all the time with no problem at all. He does have a 4x4 though, which helps out big time at the ramp. I don't recommend going somewhere that has crappy ramps.

Also, when you're picking the boat up don't let your tires get in the water. If you have a hard time pulling it up, just get a buddy to help push you up the ramp with the boat motor, but be VERY VERY careful to have it trimmed up enough to avoid destroying the prop on the ramp.

Just remember you can't stop quick and you should have no problems.