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Travel trailer

Had to sell my mobile home in Grand Chenier due to Cameron parish/FEMA requiring elevation of existing mobile homes. Looking at travel trailers and need help. I have a GMC 1/2 ton and can tow 7500 lbs max. Looked at Everlite, KZ, Premier Bullet, etc. What's really a good name brand trailer that will hold up well? Willing to pay more for quality but it's hard to compare apples to apples as I'm a novice. Any opinions will be appreciated.
Reply a general rule on new hard shell travel trailers try to stay within $500/$550 a ft. which should give them about a 21% to 26% profit...but be careful in the first part of the 'Holy Sermon' pitch they shoot'n at 30% to 40% which sometimes confuses even the fee direction w/the 'Witch Doctor' finance man (who normally keeps his mouth shut)...remember the bank loan value is always close to the dealer wholesale value and always check the MSRP (not the dealers copy) they do have a lot of 'funny pencils and coded symbols',also look around and take your time. I may be wrong, but you might find a good dealer...still keep both eyes on'em when they pitch a 'towing/hitch package' time in 'greedy financial excitement' a salesman blew his whole deal in overselling and I walked out, also check the fine print warranty,I heard some were only backed-up by the dealer who sells it ???...cheers

P/S...gaseous, if 'ya a newbee 'ya gonn'a be like a religious chicken walk'n into Popeye's front office !!! cheers
It all depends on the $$$ v.s. what you want. For your towing capacity, I suggest you start with the Forrest River Cherokee Wolfpack fiberglass shell (lighter than the sheet metal) and work up/down/in/out from there.