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starter kayak

looking at a percision sport 12' from academy.
want to buy one for the camp in grand isle.
we're not sure if we'll like to fish out of them so we want an inexpensive one to try it out
this is a new product for academy. they look well made compared to the pelican brand that the also sell. any advice or reviews on percision kayaks?
Stop at Bobby Lynn'sin Leeville and rent one on your way down to the island and see if it's what you like. If you hate it, you will have saved $$$.
Try Bobby Lynns. Kayaking is the fastest growing segment of the industry and here in Louisiana it is growing like crazy. Trust me I'm a Co-Tourny Director for Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club.

A starter yak is ok but keep in mind you will likely experience some challenges like getting wet, and poor 'tracking' that will be elemenated if you buy a better yak later.

I bought an entry level kayak 4 years ago and felt like I was scraping every penny I had to buy it. Today I just bought my fourth kayak (actually about my 7th but I still own 4 of them). My whole family fishes from Kayaks now.
Check out one of the many kayak demos that are held this time of year. The calendar on my website at lists those for Backpacker (BR and Lafayette), Pack and Paddle, and Masseys (BR, Covington, New Orleans). These events are usually on a Saturday, and feature numerous boats of different types for you to test paddle. You can also get pointers on rigging for fishing, as all of the folks who run these stores happen to be excellent fishermen as well.

Now, it may happen that the price on some of the boats might be higher than you want to spend. Academy is cheaper, although most of their boats are not of same quality as what the paddle shops sell. I'm not familiar with a Percision 12 that they sell. But I DO know of a Perception 12. That is made by Confluence Watersports, makers of the Wilderness Systems. If that's the boat you're looking at, then it would be a Best Buy for the price they advertise.

Still, before you buy, definitely go test paddle some boats. Several years ago, I was all ready to buy a Malibu for bass fishing, when I paddled an OK Caper just for the fun of it, and fell in love. That's like switching an SUV to a Prius! But the Caper has been by far my favorite yak to fish, fresh or salt, even moreso than my Tarpon. You just never know...