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Toledo Bend Field Report by pro guide, Joe Joslin

LAKE CONDITIONS One report of SRA has the lake at 163.99' the first part of this week with one unit generating from 4 to 6:30 p.m. Water temperatures are running from upper 60s on the main lake to mid 70s in coves and with present weather patterns these numbers will increase. The only stained/muddy areas on the lake are those caused by hours upon hours of winds from 20 tho 35 mph. As the lake continues to fall, boaters are reminded to be even more cautious as new hazards will come into play. High winds are also moving things around on the lake as 'floaters' that have been stationary for months can be blown around and even into some of the main boat lanes. Operate with 'eyes wide open'.

FISHING REPORTS/BASS Bass fishing continues to be good to excellent but it has been extremely important to get an early start before the wind peaks. The first hour or so has been windy also but not as bad as mid-morning till late afternoon. As mentioned above, our choice of patterns might not be what the bass want the most but what can be fished effectively and still catch some fish. One of the patterns we have used so successfully the past 2 months has been the use of weightless or very light weighted soft plastics. However, the time window for this pattern has been narrow on my favorite fishing hole so we have had to use other approaches.

We have had to rely more on spinnerbaits, Texas/Carolina rigs and crankbaits with a few top water moments as conditions allow. To be more specific, on the spinner baits we are using Stanley's Vibrashaft or Vibra-Wedge with double willow blades(at least blade one gold). At times, we are also using Stanley's Compact series in 1/8 oz for heavily fished bass that can be hard to fool. However, our go-to size is the 3/8 oz versions with skirts in shad patterns, chartreuse or a combo of both plus golden bream.

On our Texas and Carolina rigs we are working them(mostly) from 6 to 20 feet and using a variety of soft plastics including Stanley's Wedge-hog, Berkley's Havoc Slop Craw, Chigger Craw, Trick Worm and baby Brush hog. Also using 15 and 17 lb test fluorocarbon (Berkley 100%) all the way on both TX and C. rigs. As a general rule, I am using the Tx rig in the grass and the Carolina Rig on deeper points and ridges. On crankbaits we are throwing Bill Norman's Deep Little N as well as DD22s using 10 and 12 lb Trilene Big Game line as well as fluorocarbon.

As some bass have moved deeper, we have also increased our drop shot activity working ridges and points in 15 to 25 feet with my favorite drop worm being a 5' Wacky Crawler in w.melon and w.m.candy. I use XPoint's #1 and 1/0 wide-gap hook and nose hook the Wacky Crawler(Berkley) and fish it with 6 and 8 lb test fluorocarbon or clear Trilene XL mono. Schooling activity has increased and we are gettingg them on Pro Pops(Bill Norman), Pop Rs, Yellow Magic and Chug Bug all in shad patterns.

AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on Toledo and Sam Rayburn. Contact him at 337-463-3848 or . and WEBSITE
Toledo Wind lol
Mr. Joe I've been trying to catch a 10lb plus bass all year long. I was wondering with your experience , if you could point me in the right direction. Where are my best chances of succeeding in catching a bass this big this time of the year? Should I fish shallow, secondary points, grass, or what? I know it's pretty much post spawn patterns now with a few spawners left south. But the lake is so big and I just need some help pun pointing a good location for big bass! My email is Thanks for your time!!
mr.joe. me and some buddies going in two weeks.we've been there last year and i have been bragging about catching one of those ten lbers. how and where should i spend most of my three days there? email me at