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Lake Concordia/ StJohn

Looking to make a 2 day trip up there. Maybe spend a day on each lake. Any suggestions or reports? Also looking for reccomendations for a place to stay.
   Bad Brad
I spent last weekend at Lake St. John. It was my first time there.

The lake is beautiful with lots of cypress trees and of course, there are plenty of docks and other structure to fish.

Although I had received several great fishing repots about St. John, the fishing really sucked last weekend. The wind was horrible...all day, every day. We didn't get to fish all that much bacause of the wind and when we did the fish just wouldn't bite.

Having said all that, it still was a fun trip even if the fish weren't biting much.

I do not know anything about Lake Concordia and places to stay there but we stayed at Neely's Spokane Resort right on Lake St. John. It's an older place mostly with four newer cabins to go along with the older ones and the people who run the place are really nice. Their website is at

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the info. Will prob fish Concordia one day and if it doesnt work out I'll try St.John the next day. Heard they have a tournement at Concordia this weekend so no telling how bad the fish will be spooked by next week.