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HELP! Shark Fishing in Lake Pontchartrain

My buddy and I are getting into shark fishing and were looking for some tips on fishing Lake Pontchartrain. We've got heavy tackle and have been using steel leaders, circle hooks, and cut bait (usually croakers). All we keep catching are massive sail catfish, which are fun, but not what we're looking for. We've been focusing on fishing just west of the twin spans near the old Vera's restaurant, but haven't hooked any sharks yet. Also, is it better to fish under a cork or on the bottom? How is the influx of fresh water into the lake going to effect shark fishing? Any help would be appreciated...mostly we're looking for locations where the sharks tend to group up during this time of the year. Thanks!
Shark Fishing
Season is closed from April 1st to June 30th for all La saltwater, this includes both Lake Ponchatrain and Maurepas. I called Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries because I was going to try it in Lake Maurepas. We were told bull sharks were being reported in the lake. I was told by the agent the season may be closed longer. You should call prior to going and be certain it is open. When season is open I'd make some chum out of fish and start making a slick, do this in an area where there are not any people in the water. I would use a balloon as a float and fish about a foot deep, but you can try varying depths. You'll want to use a large piece of bait, whole mullet or something of that nature, fresh is better and also cut some slices down the side, you'll need a good quality wire leader and make sure it is long enough and of course a very strong hook. Good luck and be safe, sharks are fun to catch but also very dangerous.
Now we are talking...

Bulls can be caught in the lake; I'm not sure on the impact from the river water. For fishing tips on how to catch sharks I'd suggest you try This site focus on land based shark fishing and you can learn more then you ever imagined and make some great friends as well.

From Technique to leaders to places and people.

If interested we frequently travel to grand isle to fish for sharks, you would be more then welcome to join us, we will show you everything we know.

As for bait Mullet can get caught with a cast net in the lake, could also land you some black drum or big reds. Sting Ray is shark great shark bait and probably one of the most common used by LBSF. Always try to use the freshest bait you can get. I'm assuming that you are catching and releasing your sharks and you mentioned that you were using circles, should be at least a 16/0 circle, we use 20/0's on the island. All depends on the size of Shark you want to catch and bait size. We use baits as small as a 1/2 of a Mullet up to a 50lb whole stingray/Jack/king fish etc...

For fishing in the lake Iíd assume that your targeting around 5ft Bulls. We use would use about a 5ft bite section of at least 400lb steel braid 10-15ft 400lb monofilament leader (or Weed eater line). Sharks sometime spin and get coiled in your line; this is only one reason why you will want a long leader. Another is it make it a lot easier to drag them out the water unless you have a tail rope.

Would probably not be using a cork unless you are trying to keep the bait off the bottom or you were in 100 ft of water. Typically we drop our baits in water 8 to 25 ft deep on the bottom with a 3-8oz weight depending on the current and surf conditions.

Try out the web site, we are actually having a meet in Texas next weekend with all land based shark fisherman. We will also be in Grand Isle this weekend. Shoot me an e-mail and we can discuss shark fishing so we donít bore the others on this site.
re: season closed
Is that closed for harvest only right ? ..

Sharks: Closed Season : All

Louisiana State waters out to the seaward

boundary of the Louisiana

Territorial Sea shall be closed to the

recreational and commercial harvest

and possession of all sharks between

April 1 and June 30 of each year.

So if catching and releasing, should not be a problem. I have recently heard that Lake Maurepas is loaded with Bull Sharks. I spoke a couple weekends ago with local commercial fisherman that their hoop nets are being shredded open by sharks, and on trot lines, common to have a catfish head only after the Bulls hit them.
Yeah they're absolutely right, Maurepas is loaded with sharks RIGHT NOW! Don't tell anybody but they're in the rivers also. Not just babies but big boys to. That's the gospel.
Let us know how ya do
Nothing too new..
Sharks have been in Lake Maurepas forever.Just not much said about them till recently. Years ago, a shark was caught right below Port Vincent.

I spoke to a fisherman this moring who said he's moved his trot lines up river from where he was fishing in Blind River.
The Mississippi is chock full of them, and the spillway dumping in more from what I have been told.

Are the Bulls good to eat ? I've eaten shark before, I think it was black tip tho.... been a long time ago. It was a nice grilled shark steak,,, yummm..!
Lake Borgne Rigs
We used to catch a lot of sharks at the rigs in Lake Borgne years ago. We used to fish them at night and catch a good bit of them. Shouldn't have a problem catching sharks at those rigs.
lake bash
I know the lake bash on maurepas was cancelled because of all the extra shark reports from fisherman. Not sure if its directly from the spillway water or the fresh water pushing them out of Lake P
If the Lake Bash was canceled you couldn't tell from the lake. We were out there along with a couple hundred other boats? My butt was in the water!
re: Lake Bash
I heard there was a bunch of people that went out there anyway, regardless of the barge not making it from what I was told... too much liability if someone was to get bitten during such an staged event.

But the way I see it,,, when you have 3-400 or more people at the Bash, standing waist deep in water for hours on end, all the beer getting consumed,, all the beer getting passed through back into the lake water,,,, all that urine tainted water would probably keep any self respecting Shark from venturing too close anyway.... might be a good defense strategy......... hehe.... R