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Offshore Venice, La.--Mixed Bag

The weather has been great the past few days and the fishing has been great for some species and just good for others. All the red snapper you want, no surprise there, but the Mangrove snapper have been just as easy to catch. Mix in a few cobia and some scamp grouper and you’ve got a nice box of fish. The tuna have been scattered. On Saturday Capt. Alex and Capt. Will, caught a couple in open water, while going to their fishing spot. Capt. Alex had the largest of the day going 110lbs. The floaters are still producing Tuna as well but you’ve got to be in the right place at the right time. Same thing goes for the Mahi-Mahi. We went 1 for two yesterday just trolling grass patches in open water. Both put on awesome aerial displays. The Mahi-Mahi have not been as plentiful yet as I would have thought they would have been but the rip lines haven’t really come together. Yesterday was about as close as I saw so far as rip lines go, give it a couple of days and it will be a good. All the makings are there, just has to come together. Bluewater is still close, about 10 miles out of South Pass and 14 out of Southwest Pass. I expect the blue water fishing to really turn on this week. Should be a very good and last the next couple of months. We’ve got a few days still open if anyone wants to get out and catch some fish. Enjoy the pictures from the past several days.

Capt. Damon McKnight
Super Strike Charters