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Lake P. strikes again!!

Made a morning trip with my wife Sunday (6-12-11) to Lake Pontchartrain. Got an early start and headed to Dockside Bait and Tackle to pick up some live shrimp. Said hello to the Dockside crew and headed over to the tracks. Got a spot just in time as they were filling up quick. Started throwing the sliding corks and it didn't take long to find the first trout. However we had to pick through a lot of throwbacks with a few hardheads and crokers to chip away at our box. We stuck out the slack tide and lack of wind until the fish started to feed again. It took a little while and once the wind started to pick up the trout started eating. My wife stuck with the shrimp and I started throwing some Hybrids. After we took two waves over the bow in my small boat we called it a day. We stayed in 1 spot and ended the day with:
21 trout with 1 over 3lbs
1 nice flounder

There were a ton of 11 3/4' trout that day. Most of the fish I caught came off of the Hybrids (avo-glo).
nice trout
There ain't no trout in Lake P.
My buds in Denham Springs who fish the lake every day said so.
I should have talked to your people before making that trip!!
I tell you for the lake to not have any fish, my boat sure did get slimed up!
slimed up boat
Bet that pic was from last year.

Hope you realize this is all tongue in cheek from the dockside post earlier.
I knew what you were getting at MOJO, had to play along.
That's why I placed the date on the pictures. That was a request from the previous Dockside post.
Bayou Liberty
Nice catch J! I went out yesterday 6-13 after work out of Bayou Liberty. Water was Green,Green first cast I caught a trout and every cast after that fish on. If it wasn't for fighting Reds the whole time I would've got a limit of Trout too. Ended up catching

14 Reds keep 5
13 Trout
2 Black Drum 18' threw dem back
All caught on Avo-Glo bought @ Dockside!

I'm not from Carr Dr. I'm just an Olde Bayou Liberty Boy so i'm still trying to get up to there level. Funny thing is this dude brags on his 'boys' out fishing someone and they're not even catching any fish now that's a real LMAO! And this dude doesn't even have 1 SINGLE PIC of a fish he's caught he's just on here bashing, hating and bitchin.NOT 1 SINGLE HELPFUL POST THEY SHOULD DELETE HIM.
Looking better and better
Looks like the Lake is filtering that water pretty good
Two excellent trips by two excellent fishermen...JMiranda and V Nola are in the groove!