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Build boat blind for duck hunting

I was wondering if anybody has built a duck blind on their buteax. I have an 18' X 4'. I'm looking to see if i could build one cheaper than it is to buy one. I looking for some plans or just someone to let me know how to do it and what to use.


I have put a picture of my new boat
Use the following:

1" conduit pipe n 10' sections. You will need at least 4 to make the bends for each side front & rear end.

1" conduit straight couplers to join the appropriate ends.
1" dowel stick - Cut stick in 18" lengths to place in the conduit and coupler. This precent saging. Through away the screws that come with the couplers and drill through the coupler, dowel & conduit at each end.

Where you mount to rerar transom. Drill thru the transom and rear conduit ends to accomodate a 3/8ths inch bolt in sufficient length to pass thru the transom and each conduit end.

I installed the front on my blind at rear end of the deck. To do this i Installed two sections of 2" X 4" aluminum
angle iron with screws to the deck. (That way I can remove teh brackets so that they won't get in the way when I am fishing.

You wil need to drill 2 3/8th holes in the angle iron and the conduit end to install the frame. Remember the frames are to be installed in a cris-cross position at the bow.

Now for the installation of the grass. First purchase enough small trawl netting from a net shop and about a 100 6" black nylon tie downs.

Install the net material to each frame so that it is somewhat tight. Then with the frames set in their normal hunting position fix the netting to the gunale of your boat. I used small plactic eyes for hanging electrical wires. Once you have installed the eyes at equal point along the gunale used the tie downs to fix the bottom of the netting to the eyelets. Incidently, You will probably have to trim excess netting from the bottom at the gunale.

install the fast grass or similar lose side up to the netting and frame with the remaining 6" ties.

Good luck.

If you need further assistance call me @ (C)225 614 5588

Bill R.
Weld (3 or 4) sockets on each side of boat - Get PVC pipe to fit sockets with (6 or 8) tees and a few 90 degree els - Get some of that leafy camo and you are good to go. The bigger the PVC pipe the sturdier it will be, I would use 1'' Sch. 40.
I don't want to weld anything to the side. I might see about bolting something. I want a fold down one like the others.