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tufline groundhog max

I have a food plot that is not accesable by tractor. I am looking into buying some disc for my atv (300 Honda). From what I can tell most of the pull behind disc that I can pull with a 300 are not very effective and the ones that do work are to big for my four wheeler. While looking online I came across the groundhog max. I have searched the internet high and low and the majority of people who have used it say that it works well. As you can see from the picture they sure don't look like much. I was wondering if anyone had a set of these and if they really work. I know that they are not nearly as good as a tractor with a set of 5 foot set of disc, but again I can not get a tractor to spot where I want to plant my food plot. If you have used one of these I would really like to hear your opinion.
I watched the videos. Looks like it works pretty well. I don't know how big of a plot you are looking to make, but you could get a pretty decent tiller for not much more. You may want to check out some tillers in that price range. It just all depends on how ig of a plot you want. It definitely looks like less work with the Grounghog though. Just ride around. Seems pretty easy.
If you get one let us know how it works.
David J.
I have a set and they work really good on an atv. First you need a receiver for them. If you buy them new they come with a kit to fit your bike. You will need to spray your area to be chopped a few weeks before chopping to kill all of the grass. Then you will need a few heavy blocks to put on the back of your bike to make them dig. I now have a side by side and that works better because of the weight. All you do is ride in circles, they do not work good in reverse. YOu can turn around with them backwards but they dig hard. I would reccommend them for the price.
I bought a set in the classifieds on this site. I used them once and they worked well. The only problem was that the upward force on the receiver hitch on my bike bent it. I have a Honda Foreman and had gotten the reciever from the Honda dealership. I kinda thought it was cheaply made, but tried it anyway. I just purchased a more beefed up receiver from Cabelas. I will be using it soon and will post a report on how it holds up.

As far as the discs, they worked very well. I disced up a pipeline that hadn't been mowed in 2 years and it reduced it to dirt in no time. I may have had the discs set too deep and that's what caused my hitch to bend. I guess it's a trial and error kind of thing. But I would also recommend them.