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Deer advice

The Red is the property line,the green the food plot,the orange feeder,yellow is walk to trails.
The property is around 4 acres. Is this a good setup?
judging by that cutover pictured across the creek, here's what i would do. if you still have time, i would add a plot to the southwest corner of you property line 80 yards from the creek, 100 yards from the east corner of the cutover. this would create a funnel between the creek and the big section of your property, and the cutover. the deer should use this funnel you create as a staging area and travel route to enter that cutover, especially if it's thick and grown over, they will be there. the creek is a natural travel route, and though you may not have many pics or have seen many deer using it, they do all times of the day, like a highway. this extra plot would also create a pinch between your existing plot. , giving you an extra stand location further north in your property. if it's to late to add a plot, move the feeder to this spot i'm describing, face your stand 40 yards off creek facing the west. enter from the far east border, (winds should be predomitaely northwest in hunting season, letting you walk to your stand into the wind) this could be a great setup by using the creek, clear cut, and a possible plot, because deer flock to edges using the route you have enchanced. this will also create a good pinch which is the best thing for a bow hunter.