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Scammers in the Classifieds

Its amazing or a coincidence maybe that i responded to 3 different classified ads on this site and each one responded the same way. the man was working in the UK and the bike was at home with his wife in another state and just wire the money and she would take care of shipping....Who is dumb enough to do this??
We do our best to keep those guys off the site, and we need your help. Whenever you come across such a scam, please forward the alias of the user or the URL to the ad so I can ban the accounts.

So 1-c, forward me the information on the scammers and I'll take care of it.

And, as always, we encourage our users to use common sense and remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The good news is that 99.9 percent of the users on the site are just hard-working, honest folk.
I bet your are responding to the ads with new bikes for dirt cheap prices. If it looks like it's to good to be true it probably is.
If you see an emailaddress with at the end it's usually a scam.
Yea i checked and i found 4 ads that were to good to be true and the contacts email addresses all ended in LIVE.COM
A freind of mine builds and sells high end performance boats in Fla. He got contacted from a guy in Nigeria ( where else ?) on a 50k boat. Scammer said he'd buy the boat, was going to send Randy a check for over the amount asked on boat, asked Randy to deposit the check, and send the balance of cash back to the scammer via money order, then scamer would use that money for his flight, shipping, motel, etc, etc....

Randy ( who knew this was a scam),,took out 30k ( that was the amount of the overage with the check),,of cash from his bank, spread the cash out on a table, took a picture of cash, emialed it to the scammer, saying that the check was deposited, cash balance in hand, said for scammer to come on over and get his new boat and cash, or the deal was off. Long story short, the scammer flew to US, Randy picked him up, escorted the scammer right to his house where the Feds were waiting...... scammer went to the Federal Pen.

The check was a stolen company check, interstate fraud, and a host of Florida laws were broken..

I'd loved to have seen that unfold.