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Lure Search - Streachy Plastic KVD worms

A few years back, KVD was pushing a line of plastic worms that were streachy , in the ad he'd streach one 10-15 inches, and it would go back to it's original shape and size.

I have used them up north for smallies and largemouths, with great success.

Are those still made ? I don't remember the name of the lure or the company,,, but have not found them in Cabelas or BPS any longer.

Thanks, R
Strike King Elaz-Tech. Bass Pro has them. They are as stretchy as he claims. I use the finesse worm a lot. They are actually better than regular worms because they float.
Z-Man Lures
Z-Man Lures makes them now. I ordered some from them last week. The exact same lizard I used to get from Strike King. These lures are unreal, you can catch more than 40 fish on 1 bait. I've done it several times. See the link below.
That'll work !
Thanks guys, exactly what I am looking for. The Zman stuff looks good,,,they got some ov' my money already!

Appreacite ya'll - Have a great 4th and remember and respect what we got the holiday for !- MOst people don't know nor care :(