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Atchafalaya Basin deer hunting

I'm at the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meeting in Baton Rouge, and I just got word that there could be a major change made for deer hunting within the Atchafalaya Basin guide levees.

It looks like doe days are coming back because of declining deer populations.

The Commission will have to act before any change is implemented, and I'll post a full report as soon as a final decision is made.
All the details
A story outlining all the changes to deer hunting within the Morganza floodway and Atchafalaya Basin is now available:
Season Changes
Something definitely needs to be done. It has been bad the last couple of seasons and now with the record high water pushing most deer out and drowning a bunch. I was hoping they would close the Attakapas wma for a couple of years.

Thanks fo the report Andy