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smart tabs

I was wondering if anyone has any experince with smart trim tabs on a flat boat? I have a 14' flat boat and was thinking about getting some smart trim tabs to help with porpousing? Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks
Trim Tabs
I would try a dol-fin on the motor first if you haven't already. You can get one for about $50-$75 that slip onto the motor. That might solve your problem before you start drilling into the hull.
Hydraulic tabs
My boat HAS to have tabs or it porpoises like mad. I have hydraulic tabs, and just love them. It allows me to make adjustments throughout the day to allow for changing fuel amounts, livewell weight, changing water conditions (for instance, I can kick up one side of my flat boat to break waves).

They're just fantastic.
Floatation Pods
I just purchased some aftermarket Floatation pods from Cabelas. Beavertail is the manufacturer but they are made in China. I have a 1652 SeaArk with a tunnel hull, and a Yam. 50hp on it. I counldn't keep the nose down so I gambled on the pods. I'm in the process of finding a welder in Slidell to weld them to the transom. Hopefully I can get this done soon. I will post the results as soon as I get them installed..
A lot of questions
Several different things can cause and cure your flopping problem. Motor mounting height, trim angle, prop, weight distribution and hull design are the main ones. Your best bet is to have someone with experience look at it, but here are a few things to try. Put more weight forward. Lower trim angle. Try a prop with more bow lift. Do a search on how to hook a hull, but only after exhausting other options.
You did not say if you have power trim. If you don't, your best investment would be an aftermarket tilt and trim like CMC-35 or 130. It helps two ways, by adjusting trim angle and motor setback of transom.
As I said, a good set up guy can save a lot of trial and error, but even the best do some of it by trial.
jumping boat
all the advice given is correct, but another thing that happens that is almost always overlooked is the bottom of the boat. When the braces on the inside get welded the extreme heat to the thin hull sometimes caused a bump or dip in the hull. it can be fixed but will take some force and a good eye. I have fixed several boats like this and literally amazed the people i have done it for, because they did not beleive me. My uncle who is no longer alive was an old mahogany boat builder he use to always say when you are on plane, what ever is in the water better be streight. trim tabs are to correct a mistake he always said. Its hard to get the factory or place you bought it from to admit to this mistake. hope you can figure it out, check your bottom out usually it will be within the first few feet from the back. good luck.