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Not pleased with service

Wanted to report horrible service by Daryl Carpenter of 'Reel Screamers Guide Service'. My wife and I and another couple from Pierre Part had a charter date of July 13. The Captain that Daryl had for us didn't meet with us until around 8:00 AM. He said that he had an injection for his back (which i believe). The issue is this, the couple we were fishing with couldn't fish the next day (thursday)and had to get back home. Daryl instead of taking command of his own business and taking us out on our agreed time which was 6:30AM left the decision to us to leave late or fish on thursday. He didn't even have the decency to offer any kind of discount on leaving late. In fact our Captain made the statement that he is usually coming back with his catch as we were leaving out. We only caught 15 when other boats were coming in with maxed catches per person. I feel Daryl Carpenter should have maned up and taken control of his own business and met us to leave at the time we agreed upon which was 6:30 or found another captain who could have done this. I will never use his service ever again and since we are planning another trip to Grand Isle next year i am already looking at someone else who has the business sense to take control of their own business and be there to take us out on our agreed time. By the way he didn't have any problems taking our money. All you fisherman out there I wouldn't recommend this guide service to anyone and being a retired military veteran this really disappointed me from a standpoint of what we all do when faced with decisions we need to make in order to take care of us. I made sacrifices in my 24 years and two wars, so why couldn't he do the same. Horrible customer service. Will never use him again.
Man that stinks! I am sorry that happened to you. Maybe he will see this post and make it up to you. Thanks for serving.
Have you called Daryl before blasting him here? Did you give him a chance to fix it?
I have known Daryl for many many years. I worked with him back in our law enforcement days and still keep in contact with him. I know that Daryl has always put his heart and soul into fishing and from experience and others I talked to that have used him he goes out of his way to make everyones experience the best.
He is also the president of the Louisiana Charter Boat Association and in order to have that position you have to have a pretty good resume with you.
Now what happened to you is very unfortunate but there is always the other side of the story and you have to look at the whole picture. I honestly believe that if Daryl would have had a replacement captain he would have offered it to you and would have done so at that time. He more than likely couldn't take you out personally because he had a charter he was already taking out himself and it wouldn't have been right to cancel a charter in order to take another out. This is a very busy time of the year for all charter captains especially the way the fish have been biting and they stay booked. I spoke to another charter captain yesterday and he is booked all the way till the end of August. Things do happen such as weather, mechanical break downs and yes even captains get ill and have to cancel sometimes. I feel he probably gave you his best options he had AT THAT TIME. Like the comment just before mine it was said to give Daryl a call and give him a chance to make it right before blasting him on here.
I just feel like there is alot more to this story than being told.
Good luck and safe fishing.
Fishing Magician
I can certainly recommend Fishing Magician Charter service out of Shell Beach.

They also have a lodge available. I believe the rate is $50 per night.

Sleep at the lodge, wake up and walk to the Dock.
Launch, stop at Campo's for live shrimp, and you are on your way for a good time.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Look at all the pictures on here with the results.

We even had six (6) people in our crew and Captain Jason was able to make sure everyone caught fish.

Do not let one bad experience spoil future attempts.
fishing magician
Fishing magician is a good guy. He gave me alot of advice about fishing hopedale and shell beach. Asked him alot of questions and he didnt mind answering them at all.
While I admire your service and thank you tremendously, I'm not sure what it has to do with anything here. Charter fishing can't possibly be compared to war.

Like the other posters, I think you should have taken the issue up with Mr. Carpenter directly, rather than on the internet.
unhappy client
I was the other party involved in this situation. I am in business for myself and know that when you have to rely on other people to provide services that they represent your company. Daryl may not know how things went down until he was contacted by email. To my knowledge he has not responded. The client should have at least been compensated for the late departure. Best case would have been that Daryl's employee would have realized that his condition would not allow proper service to his clients and informed the clients of options like other guides to take them out at a normal time.We left the marina around 8:30 or so. Gary's posting of this is not bashing but giving information so that people will know how business is done with this guide service. Gary did in fact contact Daryl via email and informed Daryl that he would give an unfavorable report on La. Sportsman. He (Daryl) has yet to respond to my knowledge. Not good for business. I'm sure Daryl and his employee are fine people, people make mistakes, when you're in business you will not please everyone and the client has the right to express displeasure. Hope Daryl uses this opportunity to make adjustments to his business practices.
Charter Sevice
All Charter businesses have several captains working for the owner. If you want the primary captain you have to book well in advance. Things come up at the last minute which cause delays or rescheduling, i.e. weather, medical emergengies, mechanical problems, etc. If you're serious about fishing you have to be flexible. I personally would have rescheduled with the other couple until another day and not opted to leave late. The trout bite is only good now early in the morning regardless of a chartered trip or by yourself.
bad trip
There are three sides to every story,yours,mine,and the truth!
Know matter what,it is virtually impossible to please everybody!Some people cannot be pleased and are just lookin for a reason to complain.not sayin thats the case here Im just sayin......
The 'Swissh' Alps
...I read a big 'tick' book once...sitt'n in a Lazy Boy chair w'a couple of JD'on 'da said Hannabel wasn't happy w/'da elephants go'n thru the Alps !!!...'da darn roads were too narrow and 'da 'Mountain Scouts' all got up too late, which caused 'Dumbo' too fall off the side ???...he said he ain't go'n back no mo !!!...cheers
Reel Screamers
First off I am sorry for a bad experience! But, fishing and chartering is a challenging profession trying to keep all variables in line when you can't sit on the dock getting captains/boats/customers loaded when you are doing the same for your own crew that same morning. It sounded like the second captain failed in notifying you and darryl about his condition the night before. Very unfortunate!

I know Darryl will get this straight with you and I hate to see anyone publicly bashing a hard working man online while he is probably a long way offshore. Knowing this Captain for many years and knowing his generosity and integrity leads me believe this is a situation that should not be on the Internet.
looks like the captain may have some buddies out there that are now bashing you,go figure huh? thats a shame. sorry you had a bad experience. I would think a discount would be in order in this case too, sounds like you did not get what you paid for. Thanks for your service!!!!
15 fish?
I agree with the guys on here. You need to call and talk to the man you booked the trip with. With that being said 15 fish between 4 people is not worth 1/3 of the price you probably paid. The charter industry is based on a service provided by the captains / crew for that company. 4 fish per man should fall under the no fish no pay policy. Things do happen that will hinder plans of leaving on time but these 4 people are paying for a good time.
I feel for you, I had a bad experience with a captain that is always on this site. I had customers fly into town to go fishing, I called him the day before to confirm the time, and he told me he had a family emergency and had to cancel. This is the day before a trip, and he didn't even call me. I then see pictures on the reports of him fishing offshore that day holding up fish. I guess it meant more to him to go fishing with his buddy than to take a paying customer that booked months in advance. This site is for feedback whether it is good or bad.
bad charter trip
You can point a horse to water but you cant make him drink! A charter captain cant make you catch fish,it still takes a little skill from the person holding the pole.
easy now?
whatever, now you call the man a 'little girl'
My father is probaly the worst fisherman I know. He is not ashamed to admit it either. He has been on multiple trips and has never had an issue putting his own fish in the boat. Sorry with the amount of money that is paid for a charter it is not for a boat ride it is to bring home fish. You go with a guide to help you catch fish as well. They have swamp tours for those who enjoy riding around looking at our beautiful state. I am not trying to put fuel on the fire but if this story is accurate some compensation should be expected.
agreed Bird Hunter
With that being said
I believe Captain Daryl will make it right. The majority of the people in the industry are good honest people. If he is not aware of the situation he deserves the right to make it better.
Fair and balanced
Just my opinion:

If it was me I would have talked to him on the phone or handled it right there at the end of the fishing trip. Then, if you were still given the same treatment posted it up to the forum.

That being said,I do think that it is a good thing to post about bad guided trips, either hunting or fishing. You can tip off others to a potential bad situation and prevent them from losing a lot of money on a bad experience. It is one of the customers only defenses in having an unfair experience.

Maybe its just me, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of accountability (written through contract) for fishing and hunting guides. There don't seem to be guarantees on how much catch or kill in what time frame warrants full pay for the trip. In my experience it has always been a handshake deal between guides and customers. No guarantees. Of course, it is hard to predict what the day will offer as there are so many variables that can't be accounted for.

Still though, it sounds like this guy should get somewhat of a refund to me. If I went on an inshore speck fishing trip it would be for meat. 4 people = 100 fish. That's what I would expect and would want to bring home. Maybe 8 to 10 lbs of filets per person. For $150-200, I think this would be fair. If I came back with 1 lb of filets for $150-200; not right.

Do any guides out there actually have a written policy where the customer only pays so much based off of what percentage of the limit they come back with? It seems fair to me.
Its all good. I think I just needed to vent a little, I felt for the guy :)
peace out
I am not a Captain/guide/deckhand just a recreational fisherman that respects and knows many guides in Louisiana.

'Duck' - It sounds like you need to fish at the fish market if your worried about pounds per dollar of charter cost. Remember its fishing not catching and guides are just like us sometimes u get em sometimes you don't. The good Captains will work as hard as the crew wants them to get fish in the box. I do have guys fish with me and while using the same bait and in the same hole they can catch a fish to save their lives while other on the boat are doubling up each cast...Not saying this crew couldn't fish but PLEEZ:)
Guide Service
^5 Don't Blame ya a Bit
I prefer my fish fresh, caught from my own rod'n'reel preferably, and yeah I do see it as a business transaction in which I come home with a pile of meat. What is wrong with that?
The other side of the story
Well, this is going to be long but at this point it seems like long is what is required. This thing has gotten to where it is a monster of it's own. Like someone here quoted, there are usually two or three stories to every event. I will give you a play by play and be done with it. You cannot please everyone and it is time to move on.

Gary Donavon came to me a few weeks ago and wanted to fish he and his wife. He did not want to pay the $450.00 minimum charge that I charge for a charter by himself. He asked if I could help put more people on the boat to lower the price by $63 dollars a person. I did not have time to deal with a walk on trip this time of the year so I referred him to this site. He ended up finding another couple to split the trip with him and he confirmed the trip.

Gary had a 4 person trip booked for Wed. the 13th. Don works with me and runs my boat,he has authority to offer any remedies that need to be offered. I am generally available to run when needed and especially the offshore trips but Don was booked for this one. A couple of days before this trip, I blew an engine on the offshore boat. I was dedicated to getting that offshore boat repaired and ready to run for the 15th.

Don tweaked his back and had to go get an injection. On Tuesday the 12th, sometime mid afternoon, I talked with Gary and informed him of the situation. I offered a few remedies. We could push the trip to Thursday as we were open, I could find someone else to run them or he could accept the late departure. Gary responded immediately that he could not push it to the next day because his walk-ons could not do so. He would not answer about the late departure or the referral until after he met with and had dinner with the couple that he had partnered with.

In the mean time I placed calls to other services just in case Gary decided that he wanted to run with someone else. Later that evening, the call came that he would accept the late departure. Now that Mr. Crochet (the walk-on side of this trip) has posted here and I have been able to get in touch with him, I am informed that he was never given the option of taking another boat.

It was a tough day. The report That I have was that it was stick and move because of the storms in the area. The catch was small compared to what we are used to. Don fished until the weather ran him in in the afternoon. The crew had to retreat to my house and hide under it to clean fish due to the sideways rain. Don cleaned the fish and not a word was said. The crew paid the agreed upon fee and Gary offered a small tip, without any discussion about displeasure.

It was not until Monday the 18th that Gary sent me an email to complain about the trip. He complained bitterly about the fact that they left late and that the catch was light. It is on us that the catch was light because we are suppose to be fish GODS and will accept that.

I responded immediately upon receiving Gary's email but apparently after hearing from Mr. Crochet (the other half of this trip) Gary did not share my response with them and Mr. Crochet informed me that Gary never informed him that I had offered to give the trip away instead of taking a late departure.

Even though I received the bitter email from Gary, threatening this post, I still asked Mr. Donovan what it would take to make him happy. He never responded. Apparently he never shared the response with the other half of his crew and never had any intention of trying to work things out. Instead Mr. Donovan decided to go on a public web site and bash us as hard as he could.

As a result, Mr. Crochet is certainly welcome to a comped trip if he feels like he was shorted. Mr. Donovan, well after this, would he really want to spend 6 to 8 hours on a boat with me pointing out his short comings?

Reviews are warranted and are a good thing for business overall but they should be accurate. We occasionally screw up and we usually make it good. When all of the cards are laid on the table reviews can be a good thing.

Now you have the other side of the story. We had some difficulties with this trip, we offered remedies ahead of time and did not hear of a complaint for almost a week and the response fell on a deaf ear.

drew-B, I could not agree with your post more. It reminds me of a guy I used to know who would go in uniform to Burger King even on his off days just to see if they would comp the meal.

Time to move on, there are fish to kill and we will be there to do our share. .......
i'd be upset too
First of all, the business owner should have all of his employees properly trained. It should not take a customer to complain to set things straight.

A complaint on a forum will surely put things in order. Maybe that's exactly what it takes.

There is never an excuse of being late and not notifying the party beforehand. I'm sure the guide could read the faces of the party, and that they were not happy.

The captain should give a free trip and apologize on this board, and I can ASSURE you none of his guides would do this again.
poor service??
i think, not sure, the way things are going, this is still america for now anyway!!! you sure have the right to express your opinion, no matter what anyone else says, even they are buddy, buddy with this guy???? remember you got jacked, not them!!! you were there, not us!! remember none of us have a clue what actually happened and they don't either??? your word, his word????????
Both sides of the story
I so wanted to whack this thread in the beginning but I know this is the sort of thread everyone wants to see.
I'm glad both sides of the story came out for all to see and judge for themselves what was the appropriate course of action for both parties involved.
Maybe,just maybe the next time someone gets pissed off because everything wasn't sugar coated and lined with roses when they pay their money to go on a fishing charter ,they might just think twice before posting such a slanderous story on a public forum.

I doubt it though (frownee face)

When you go on a charter you are not paying for fish, you are paying for the ues of the boat, fuel, tackle, insurance and the Captains experiance. the catch of fish are the result of the experiance.
Not Late
For those who did not understand the other side of the story. I was the captain of the trip. The customers were notified that I would not be able to make it to the marina until 8am prior to the morning of the trip and were offered another Capt but the customers chose to take the late departure. Not only did I myself make this known to Mr Donovan the day before the trip with a phone call but Daryl also made this known and had another Capt ready to take the trip incase Gary and crew decide they did not want to leave late. Now as far as the 15 fish are concerned I choose not to bash Mr. Donavan as he has chosen to bash us.
There are 3 guides that i know of that offer a no fish no pay garrunty.
If anyone on the boat catchs one fish then that voids it. I have never fished w/ Capt darryl
or any other guides in grand isle.
Don't need to, day in an day out it's probably one of the easiest places there is to cach trout.
If the guy who booked the charter said 1.5 hrs late was ok and didn't tell the other couple .That's between them.
I have fished GI for allmost 40 years and i still wouldn't promise a limit of fish to anyone.
The guides won't either. this time of year the fish bite early and we are usually back at the dock by 8:30 to 9:00.
A guides job is to use his knowledge and his equipment to try to put his clients on fish in the safest possible manner he can.
Yes ,i have stayed out in my own boat when lightning was a little close cause the bite was on.
Would i do it w/ you or a paying client on board? NO!
If the person that booked the trip agreed to a late start then the guide service owes nothing to any of the clients .
But I do know capt Darryl and i do know that he will do anything he can to make sure all partys are satisfied.
My experience with Screemin Reels
I had the privelage to fish the Baker Hughes Rodeo with Daryl C. as our captain. I beleive he was having engine problems just prior to our morning departure. He was able to line up another boat without skipping a beat and we departed for the platforms at about 5:30 am. We had a great time with customers and reeled in some very nice lemon fish, mangroves and red snapper. He did one heck of a job by making the trip memorable. Honestly even if we would not have caught any fish, the experience was wonderful....Just thought i would share my experience. Thanks to Screemin Reels for a great time....Would recommend these Good ole boys anytime..

Headed to Dulac this weekend...Hope we can take home a limit of Reds and a few specs maybe...God Bless and happy fishing.
where'd he go?

Thread complete
that's all folks (for those of you that can read).
Dont worry Capt.,we got ya back!!!

Like I said down below,you cant please everybody!!!
Screemin Reels
I wish someone could e-mail me the contact information for Screemin Reels so ai can look at booking a trip! Thanks!
2 sides of the story, great, no air is cleared up, a testament, say what, how you mean man!!! never will be!! don't expect a captain to say he was wrong anyway and ruin his business??? who's right and who's wrong?? i don't know!! it all depends who you believe and who is your buddy!!! i don't know either one!! who should i believe?? ya'll got his back, yah, cause you know him and not the other guy!!! same old, same old, drew-b!!!! means nothing!!!!
The true story
there are 3 sides to every story not 2 , his story , their story and some where in between is the true story ------------
Abeasts. . .
Abeast. . .you are correct. I have had drew-b address certain topics I have raised on this site. He seems to take a side, without knowing any facts. Last time he challenged me, I called him out on his facts, then he admitted he knew nothing about the situation, so he had to attack me and my profession personally. I do believe it is great that people post good and bad about charter cpatains, then let potential clients decide. I have no dog in this fight, nor do I know who is right or wrong, but I have to agree that drew-b is nothing more than a coat tail rider who interjects his opinion based upon his own wishes, but incorrect facts. In fact, in the past he even denied stating certain things in a previous post until I quoted to him the exact words of that orevious post, then he 'disappeared' from the argument.
abeastandasavage,I dont know this Capt.,never even met him.What I do know is what was laid on the table when this man was called out and the person responsible has disapeared! Would you just go away if you were right?I think not!
drew buddy, i know, i can't read, write a sentence or comprehend and am a half-wit, so how you mean man?? i am, in my little mine, trying to figure out, if you are actually making a personal attack on me, which is clearly against the rules on lsm? do you always break the rules?? rules are made for the betterment of everyone involved, please try to start following them!! when people can't think of any more intelligent things to say to defend themselves, they normally resort to personal attacks, just like you did and always did!!! i know you said, you won't respond anymore to me, you will go in hiding again and thats up to you!!! might see you at the tarpon rodeo?? we'll do supper and you are buying?? never mind, meet me at the camp and we will boil up some shrimp, crabs and fry up some fish, will save you some money!!!
How many pancakes does it take to roof a doghouse???

I'll bet money that the ADMIRAL knows :)
i would never bet against the admiral, cause i would lose!! can't answer like the admiral for sure, cause he's the best!! but, i would say, depends on how big the doghouse is and how big the pancakes are, and how many you eat while you are doing the roofing (pancaking)??? did i nail it??? thats a joke??? get it, roofing a doghouse??? nail it, oh well!!!
personal experience
I can't talk for the experience or opinion of others. But last april, about nine days before the spill. My family and I went to grand isle and had a charter with with capt. Daryl himself. We got to the docks around 6 I believe. It was extremely windy and somewhat chilly. Capt. Daryl had offered for another captain to take us out the following day due to the weather but we decided to go with him since we were already there. We didn't catch a limit of fish but had a great time with capt. Daryl. Towards the end of the trip we hadn't done so hot with trout or reds, so mr. Daryl took us to a spot somewhat blocked from the wind to try and catch a few flounder even though we had been on the water for a while already. And at the end of the trip when we landed we never once stated any displeasure of the trip at all. Since we had such a great time we had nothing to complain about. But with the winds and bad fishing(which was no ones fault due to bad conditions)he still offered a discount. Bottom line I would recommend capt. Daryl to anyone and plan to book another trip with him eventually.
was the guy in uniform a sherriff? i use to know a guy who would do the same thing at burger king. his initals are R.R. if you can confirm his name i will die laughing, and proly need oxygen....
drew-b, at least you are a man(?????) of your word!! won't respond to me, cool, but where are you hiding and why??? i guess you are gathering your brain cells and are trying to figure out what to say, might take a while??? thats ok, i've got the time, i'll wait!!!
Ok beast, since you are the only one that asked, the answer is NONE, cause ice cream don't have bones???

I sure thought the Admiral would know this one?

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