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Doing a little early scouting and came across this little fellow.Never moved but sure mom was near. Snapped a couple pics and backed out slowly. Maybe he?) is the next one i will put on the wall !!! Wanted to share, Enjoy
the miracle of life
That's a beautiful thing. Such an irony, I love them and I love to hunt them. Great picture. I try to stay out of the woods alot during July so as not to disturb them since so many drop this month. Surely your encounter caused no harm but just the same I'd rather leave them alone during this time.
not abandoned
It isnt abandoned. The does leave them for the first days and come back and nurse them every so often . This is when people pick up fawns thinking they are abandoned but they arent abandoned --they are right where mom told em to sit tight and wait . Once they are strong enough to follow mom around they do so .
Prudy Lil' Feller
This time last year I was cleaning out an area on my property, making a idel speed loop around a slough on my 4wheeler, and happened to ride right up on top of twins about the same size. I was less than 8 feet away when I noticed them,, I backed out and left the area, but walked back in with in Binocular range, 100yrds down wind. About 30 minutes after things settled down, the ol doe came out, smelled and licked the youngen's then she eased off in another direction from which she came.

besides a new born human child, and a 6 week old black lab puppy,,, I don't know of many other things in nature as pure and wonderful as a new born fawn.