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Question about Airboats and WMA's

I have an airboat that I use for bowfishing, I would like to bowfish in Lake Maurepas, in order for me to do so I would have to launch at Reserve Canal which the launch is not on the WMA. But this navaigable waterway runs through the WMA for about 1-1/2 miles directly into Lake Maurepas. Is it legal for me to use this waterway to access Lake Maurepas? Do I need a special permit to do so? I DO NOT want to go into the WMA or off of the main canal whatsoever for any reason, I just want to simply pass thru to gain access to the Lake. I tried calling WLF but they keep transfering me all over the place and no one can seem to give me an answer. Thanks in advance for any responces.
right of way
You may want to find out from an agent but I have always been under the impression that as long as you dont run it in the marsh its ok.Stay in the water. I run a go devil in the wma's and was told thats ok as long as I dont go anywhere an outboard can go.
grey area
This is another one of those 'depends on the agent' questions. Some guys wont care as long as you stay in the main canal and others will harass you. Id do it and when you do come across one tell him that you tried to find info but couldnt get any help. Ask him what he thinks.
Navigable waterways that pass through WMA's aren't, IMO, a part of the WMA.

You need a WMA permit to visit Maurepas WMA but not to traverse a river or public canal that goes through the WMA. If you stop and fish in a river or canal that goes through a WMA, you don't need a permit. Once you set foot on the WMA or run a boat or pirogue into one of the small ditches that actually go into the WMA, you'd need a permit.

Does that make sense?