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Teal Decoy spread question

This is my first year to hunt during teal season and i wanted to know how many decoys i should use. I will be hunting a shallow water(4-5 inches) crawfish pond. Also is there any order i should put them in or just throw them out there? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
Teal Spread
In my opinion 12-18 is plenty of dek's, however, we usually have 3-4 mojo's as the teal seem to like the flashing wings....just my thoughts, good luck this year!!!
Get that flash
Carnes is right on the money. I'll use up to three or four dozen decoys if there is a lot of open water but the key to shooting teal is the flash of a mojo. Teal are the sardines of the duck, dumb, and fly in big any mojo will do. I've put out mojo doves in my spread to add extra flash and we cut em all morning long.
mojo dove
Some have been known to wear out the early teal over a few mojo doves in flooded rice stubble with no other floating decoys of any kind. Put more emphasis on spread visibility than overall spread realism. I.e. the birds haven't really been known to come in and speculate why you're using a fully-plumed drake mallard decoy during September. Likewise, teal season is also a time you can usually get away with not being as well hidden. You may, however, have to change your tactics a bit later in the 2-week season if you're consistently hunting the same birds with no fronts pushing new arrivals in. good luck man!

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