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3 Pending flyrod Triple Tail State Records and A Wild 4 Days of fishing

Man I must say, What a crazy 4 days of fishing....3 PENDING FLYROD STATE RECORDS in one trip..

I had a group of Texas guy's fly in Thursday to fish Friday and stay at the Living A Dream Guide Service Condo for a good night of eating and a good night of sleep then a full day of fishing on Friday..I have been catching some good fish before they gotten here and things where shaping up to be a good day as I promised them a good Trip for weeks, but Little did I know it would end up like it did..I told them we would have a good Chance at a couple State Record Triple Tail on flyrod as i saw 25 of them 4 days before they got here if that was something they wanted to try. After and really quick box of fish we put together Of 40 trout 15 reds 20 drum it was time for the hunt..We made it out to My location and about 10 Crab Traps in there was our first fish, sitting nice and pretty on it's side ready to eat.. I told David that fish was about 13 pounds if you want to put the flyrod on him for #4 record, and thats what he did.. CAST after CAST after CAST 30 minutes later this fish just would not eat the saltwater crab fly, so we pulled out a shrimp and BAM fish on and in the boat, 12 pounder, and we are off to the next trap with about 50 Traps behind us there was a Good fish on the Trap, But he was down deep, David went on him with Fly Rod again, 30 minutes and Zippo would not eat it, I looked up and saw a lot of splashing as and we left that fish and went hooked up on a few Jack fish and Landed 2 as we finished that I zipped back to that trap we left the triple tail on and he was still there but on the surface.. David handed over the Fly Rod to Steve Armstrong as David was worn out from the Jack fish fight. Steve put 3 Cast of the saltwater Crab fly on the trap and game on the beast ate it, I saw the fish laying on its side and I told steve to set the hook set the hook he's on there. Steve told me no, he is not, Just set the hook, so he did and off the Beast went straight away from us and them airborn. When I saw this fish in the air I was like WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! I told Steve what I thought he had just hooked and the nerves set in and every run this fish made was Scary, as he was pulling on the 12 pound tippet, 35 minutes into this fight fish went to his side and right in the net, What a fish and a fight, we put him on the boga and it hit the bottom, after a few pictures and drinks and High fives and 25 more traps behind us there was another beast and Greg was up and it was about a 5 minute deal and another beast was on, This fish put on a little better show but ran out of gas really fast as he was in the net in 15 minutes.. I was like Man can this day get any better, Yep 5 traps later, David got enough energy to get back behind the fly rod, 10 cast later Fish-on, Another Tail on the fly rod, 25 minute fight, another beast in the boat.. with 4 Tails in the boat 3 pending records, I had one more person on the boat to catch one, Nathan said I dont want the Fly Rod I want to just catch one and get my Boy's fish to the Scales, with one last line and 5 traps from the end, there he was, Nathan put that fish in the box and SCALE BOUND we went, with a fish box of fish that would not close, This day was action packed non stop..The weights of these fish was crazy..

Steve #1 21.36 pounds
Greg #2 17.48 pounds
David #4 14.22 pounds

That was a Trip of a life time for me just to get those Guy's on those fish..

But thing did not stop there as the next couple days was awesome with just filled the fish box, Check out pictures..

I have a Days open with Lodging so give me a call and come get on some of this action..
more pic
more pics
I don't know what else to say! Thoses are monsters!!!!!!
Ummmmm How Hard is it to Catch theses Monsters Dat like Hangin out by Crab Trap Floats i Hear??
Eric: Do all your clients eat their flyrods?
These fish will look great on the wall !