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Toledo Low

My 8yr old decided to walk da banks of the very low Toledo Bend lake Sunday morning while I did chores. He managed a 2 1/2 lb bass on a top water bait, he was stoked!! Ran back to the camp to show us, dropped it a couple times, full of dirt, and said his thumb was all ate up from carrying it!! He tried saturday evening with no luck, but was persistent and got back at it sunday morn!!
Where is your camp located,your son's got a big smile with that 2lb'er..JD
something so simple can bring that much happiness..

I'm hoping people are taking lots and lots of pictures of the bend and their normal fishing spots right now. Sure wish I had the time/money to take a trip and do it myself.
Marshall. . . This post reminds me of the earlier MasterCard commercials:

1. Gas $ 3.50/gallon
2. Rod n reel $50.00
3. Bait $ 2.00
4. Kid's Smile PRICELESS
RE: JD Its off of San Patricio, getting harder and harder to launch, but did manage to see like 2 boats navigating through the cove.