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Concealed weapons permit

Does anyone happen to remember an article about a man who taught concealed weapons classes to females. The article was run a while back in the sportsman and I wanted his phone number and name so that my wife could take his class. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

no i don't know, but all cwp classes are open to men and women! at least around here anyway!
...whatever the outcome, most women should have a quality revolver and learn to use two good shots and hold back three...not w/a auto...if I say anymore I probably catch flak...ask around !!!...cheers
Tangiman80- sent you an email, would love to help you with this. Next class 16 Sept, thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.
I'm pretty sure the article and writer you're referring to is Gordon Hutchinson AKA 'The Shootist!' This guy is top notch and probably the best around! Give him a shout and tell him Capt. Travis Lovell sent you!

Gordon can be reached concerning classes at his cell
(225) 335-1571, through e-mail:, or

Hope this helps!

Capt. Travis Lovell