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Can someone explain why????

We all know the basin deer herd was hurt bad by this years flood. The LDWF said they knew the herd was down because of reports from we the people who hunt there. I went to Baton Rouge and voiced my concerns to the commission members that the Attakapas wma herd was very low for the last few seasons.
How come only Sherburne wma had many modifications to it's season's.
Only two days of Pimative either sex. 7 days of BUCKS ONLY Primative hunting on all other lands between the levees.
Can someone explain why the Attakapas wma has 7 days of EITHER SEX primitive hunting late season when the river will likely be high??????
Does the LDWF realize what's about to happen? As if the herd wasn't in bad enough shape already!
Very discouraged
It's about time somebody speaks their peace. Somebody in Baton Rouge dropped the ball. What are they trying to do, take everything off Attakapas? Put 500 hunters on that island with high power rifles and tell me what your gonna have left?It's common sense!
Seriously people?
295 views and no one else has the guts to comment?
United we stand divided we fall. Attakapas needs us to stand up and let these people know that we won't sit back and let this happen.
You folks that don't want to open your mouth and get involved will be the first ones crying when there is nothing left to hunt on this wma.
time and time again
I have heard stories like this several times on here over the years. People voice there opions, and nothing ever happens.
I agree something has to be done. The numbers are very low and has been for years. Some attention needs to be given to this WMA as others. It has great potential if managed right.

I Understand your point but 500 people with guns is a little extreme. I think we need to have our facts strait when trying to fight a battle instead of rattling off numbers.

NUMBERS FROM 2010 Either sex Weekend
Last year there was only:
195 Efforts, 13 kills checked in, 5 of which was bucks, 8 does, which factors out to 15.0 efforts per deer.

Way down from years past!!!! TIME FOR CHANGE!!!
The business I am in let's me talk to a lot of local hunters, and it is a common concern about the condition of the herd on Attakapas WMA. It seems like The LDWF Has little concern for this management area. Most hunters do not know how to voice their opinion and get something done. The last survey I recieved from the LDWF, I wrote them that you can not manage Attakapas from an office chair in B.R., The people in charge probably do not even know how to get to it. I was informed last month that Attakapas was overlooked when the LDWF decided to change some of the season harvest dates. How do you overlook an area that is so important to the hunting community?
'Hunt'n Around 'da Watercooler'
that's true what Headgear sum it up...they just like a woman w/a microphone on a football field...they good at yak'n and interviewing,but can't play it !!!...there's nothing like a leader that marches w/his troops !!!...(that's the value of promoting from with-in and let the ivy league start from the bottom !!!...we too easy on some and too hard on others !!!...cheers