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Military Hunter Family new to area

Does anyone have any good spots public or private (that are willing to give permission) for my husband and I to hunt? His military transfer just brought us down to Baton Rouge this summer- we're both big hunters and while he knows his guns better than I do, I know my whitetail better than him so we make a pretty decent team I'd say ;o) We're looking for places to hunt... I DEFINITELY want to secure a decent whitetail spot for this season as soon as I can so I can begin scouting the area, checking out the local bucks, and setting up spots. Bow and gun seasons. I know when you got a good spot you want to keep it to yourself but we're only here three years then off to who knows where next so if anyone would be willing to share a season or three with an active military family, we would be greatly appreciative!!! We would also like to get his sons down for the youth hunt although only one is old enough this year.

Any leads on property are greatly appreciated, I can't offer any money as I only just now found a part time job down here myself but I have graphic design experience and my husband is an armory chief so he can fix/build any weapon and we are more than happy to help out and trade labor or whatever to pay our way so to speak! We are considerate sportsman, not just a couple of hacks looking to shoot at anything that moves. Anything we bring in the field, we bring back out with us!!

While down here we would also like to do some dove, duck, boar, and gator hunting and could use a little help on freshwater fishing suggestions and tackle- I'm a bass girl all the way but I'd love to hook into some redfish, trout, and cats down here too and would greatly appreciate the guidance. We have a boat with papers so we're not limited on access.

Please comment or message me directly for any questions or suggestions... ANY and ALL help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Thank you!!
Public land
There's lots of good public land within 2 hours drive of baton rouge, good luck!
'Goug'n Politicans'
BLKSHEEP...right,the only thing I knock is Louisiana goug'n active military w/fees...'ya would think the moral appreciation would not bite the hand that protects them ...I heard there are some countries where retired military and people over 65 don't pay a dime...cheers
Below are a couple that are next door to each other as well as being next door to Baton Rouge. Both have pretty good deer herds.

Cat Island NWR

Tunica Hills WMA

Welcome to Sportmans Paradise.
Goodluck and happy hunting!!!

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