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Rigolets Marina water on the dock

As a new captain, other than his clients, theres not much more important than his boat. Thanks to Capt Eric Dumas for pulling mine from the Rigolets Marina today. As you can see the water is almost over the docks there. Hoping that out of this bad situation comes some good, like getting our lake back in good fishing condition!! Take care everyone and have a safe Labor Day Weekend.
   Dr. Spot
Looking at the USGS water gauges at the Rigolets and Mississippi Sound, the salinity has already jumped 8 ppt, and the water temperature has already dropped 5-7 deg F. This is wonderful news for Lake Borgne and Lake P.

Incidentally, water levels are currently 2 ft above normal. They will probably get to 4-5 ft above normal by Sunday morning, so people on the water need to take precautions.

The USGS tide gauges are available at:

Let's just hope the storm doesn't get too strong, then of course that would be bad. Looks like it will stay a tropical storm.
Yep Should Drop Temp on water Which is AWESOME&Put some Kix Back it Marsh
Dr.Spot said it right...also see the drainout as somewhat of a fall'n tide...w/hopes of a light East wind by Tuesday or Wednesday...think wise all'ya corporate America pawns!!! cheers !!!
Yep good weekend for boat upkeep for the upcoming fall runs.

-Spot, I hope all the rain coming down pearl, tchefuncte and tangipahoa doesnt do away with all that salt!