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Android Testing

We have found that the Opera Mini application seems to allow users to upload files on Android phones.

What I'm looking for is a test to determine whether individuals with Android phones and this application can do these uploads, so that we can smooth over the process for existing and new users.

You can download this app for free at:

To help us test, all you have to do is reply to this post using your Android phone and Opera Mini (or Opera Mobile), tell us the make and model of your phone (and your version of Android if possible), and then post an image.

Is there an app or a way to upload with an iPhone?
Unfortunately, we haven't worked out the iPhone issues yet. That's going to take more time. Of course, we'll make an announcement when we have everything ironed out for the Apple side of things.
Newer Android Phones
Antroid test:
This image upload was done with out Opera Mini for Android. The test was done with the default browser on a Sprint HTC EVO. The photo quality is not good, it would help if the film was removed before the photo was taken. I did not post a comment, but I did post a report.
Android picture test
posted from HTC Thunderbolt,Verizon network.