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Catahoula Water Guage

Hunted Catahoula Lake Sunday. Checked the water level on the automated internet site. Don't trust this. It showed the level to be the same as the level when I hunted last year. Left in the dark and headed to the same area I hunted before. After running about 600 yds. in the open Lake I noticed the lack of water. Tried to make a turn to get out but that shut me down dead. Decided to just put out the decoys and make the best of it. Had 5 come into the decoys but my gun wouldn't fire. Took about 30 minutes before I figured that the ring that holds the pump forearm on had backed off and kept the barrel from seating, keeping the reciever from locking and thus the trigger from firing. No more birds. Hung in until 9:00am before noticing that the water had dropped more. Luckily my step son and I were able to push the boat with just mud coming out behind the transom. Had to abandon my waders and wear my hiking boots as the mud kept pulling my boots off. Automated systems can be great when they work but right now it showed another spike of over 20 feet(malfunction) and has the gates open draining what little water is left. I talked to another group who had hunted the evening before and said the water was down at least 6 inches from the evening before. With the low water I was amased at the lack of birds. Maybe this front will bring more down before this weekend. Good luck to all.
With the condition the lake is in everyone is asking where are the ducks... The ones doing good are are not saying much... but there are some ducks out there and they are getting limits.
The water level gauge is pretty accurate minus the times it spikes like it is now...why? who knows? Remember the gauge is in the reserve area so the conditions at the ends are slightly different and believe it or not a good wind can push the water around as well.
We have watched several folks getting stuck this year...It all about having the right tool for the job.
Sorry for your misfortune but when the lake gets below 28 its DANGEROUS. High Water moves and changes the debris and lake bed...As well as the scrap yards of duck blind materials doesn't help.
Me an my patner was going too try cat lake out monday do yall think it is a good idea too go somewhere else or try our luck there do yall think a gator tail will make it ?? im open too sugestions .