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Greenies Anyone??

Had the blessing of having a few greenies lite us, first time in 30 years of this madness I've seen that.....anyone else had these lil guys on them??
Not this year
We usually get some about every other year or so. Not many only 1 or 2 but we didn't bag any this season.
3 in one hunt
Yesterday i killed 3 greenies out of a big flock yesterday afternoon. I have also seen a few others but not many.
We usually kill a couple every year in Delacroix. Did not see any until today but did not kill ant GW this year. To me they are better on the table than the BW. Enjoy the feast!
Every hunt except one
Every hunt I've made this teal season I've killed limits made up of half greenwings and half blue wings except for one. This was an unusual season but it seems like a lot of them came down to southwest Louisiana early this year.

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