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Attention All Boat and Trailer Owners!!!

I recently have been looking for information and reading many threads on people with trailers having to have their TRAILERS inspected (whether boat or utility) I have also heard that law enforcement is cracking down on this lawhard as of lately, especially since it's obviously not a common law everyone knows about. Found a link that might help anyone

Any information or input about this topic would help and maybe give everyone out there a heads up on this unspoken law.
nothing new
It has been law for many many years that trailers must have Inspection stickers--18 wheeler semi trailers --to boat trailers to cattle trailers to small utility trailers none are exempt that I am aware of-- I have neaver heard of a Law Enf crack down on trailer inspection stickers and I was Law Enf. for 27.5 years but ill ask today
Money Grab
I remember about 30 years ago having a gooseneck equipment trailer that had a brake tag from another state when purchased , when it expired tried to do the rioght thing but couldn't find a brake tag station that would even issue one ----------------I wouldn't doubt that the trailer brake tag will be resurected , a money grab more than to protect and serve , not only do they get the money for the tag but then they can write tickets -------------Mayor Mitch is fighting to save his sinking ship and is bring up all kinds of old laws to grab the money , the latest thing is Fire Prevention Officers are going to all the equipment and construction businesses in the city right now and assessing fees for things like , having a torch on your property $100 a year fee , having a fuel storage tank on your property , having an used oil storage tank , etc , etc , etc anything that could cause a fire , does these fees really stop any fires , I doubt it ------------------I sold my house in New Orleans 2 1//2 years ago and they assessed me a $325 documentary fee for the sale , plus $525 pentilty and $53 interest the title company that closed the deal said they had never once applied that fee since 1986 when the law was put into effect ---------------- it is all about a money grab using taxes , fees , registraions , and regulations , goverment has gotten to big and has it's hand into people's pockets too much , seems America went thru this before , Taxation with representation , only thing this time is we got representation but they ain't worth a .... , vote all the clowns out , starting at the top
I received a ticket
about 25 years ago in Lafourche parish for not having an inspection sticker for my boat trailer. It was around election time and figured a favor for a favor. What a great state. You are required to have one. I obtained one after the ticket but have never gotten another ticket or inspection sticker since. Its all about the money.......
trailer inspection
Yes there is a law saying that all trailers used on La. Hwys must have annual inspection just like any motor vehicle.
I can remember one road block on La1 close to the old bonaventures landing back in the early 80's
where LSP and PCSO were checking trailer registration and inspection stickers. had trailers backed up for a mile writing tickets.
...In the name of 'Profits''s pure canard gouging from the quick buck types ...they even had a Denham Springs sub-contractor sending bills to a Hammond subdivision trying to charge $30 a month to flush their toilets ???

P/S...'inspection sticker' is just another disguised the rate this State is going an average 'Joe' will never have any disposeable income...they even start'n to gouge 'poor' BP ???...if the State was truly interested in 'public safety' there would be more guard rails in front of 20 ft canals !!!...

P/S again...did 'ya know Louisiana leads the nation in 'Red Tape Traps' while our Chambers of Commerce shuts their eyes and looks the other way ???...why do 'ya think so many storm refugees don't want to come back 'home'(even with the Chambers of Commerce TV food enticements)???...when they getting more for their tax dollars elsewhere !!!
like a car tag inspection
The inspection is the same as a car tag and basically they check the lights, which seeing how may lights don't work on trailers is not a bad idea. Not seeing trailers in the dark is dangerous.

I agree there are too many fees but this one sort of makes sense.

Yes, keeping submergible lights working is a pain but I've solved this problem by putting them on poles in the air.
inspection tags ?
an inspection tag is just another tax, but they call it an inspection tag! they are useless!! once a year, you have to make sure your lites are working and after some people get one, many people don't care if they work or not, except for the headlites!!!! lets face it, trailers take a beating on these beat up roads la. got! its hard to keep them lites working!! they mite be working when you leave, but that don't mean they will be working when you get there!!
Let's Hope!
We guys with trailers just have to pray that Redflex doesn't invent a 'trailer safety sticker camera'!
new boats
4 years ago when I bought my boat new, why wasn't it inspected & tagged like a car. bet you can't buy a car without it being inspected before you leave the dealer, why are boats exempt for this. no one at the boat dealer ever told me to make sure I get the trailer inspected. thats why they call it TTL tax TAGS & license. yes I heard of this law I guess i'm just flirting with a ticket
tail lamps
RS 32:304-- La traffic laws states tail lamps shall be no more than 72 inches from center of lamp to the roadway nor less than 15 inches--so it you mount tail lamps on poles on your trailer --do it right
trailer tag
I got to thinking about this issue while drinking my coffee this am and i bet we can look for ALOT more inforcement of these obscure laws in the near future.
The La. legislature passed a law virtually shutting down most of the speed traps by making the municipality fork over the $$ for tickets written for speeding at less than ?? mph over the limit.
That way it doesn't pay for the trap cop to write you a ticket for 2 - 3 mph over.
These places were surviving on that ticket revenu ,now they have to figure out how to replace lost $$$.
Make sure you have good tires , saftey chains ( hooked up ) all lights work and correct hieght.
inspection sticer and good registration.
croker-choker, thats a real good question!! why don't you call your dealer and ask about that! let us know what he says!!
poppincork, do you mean golden meadow or is their another speedtrap meadow???
Golden Meadow
I'm referring to Golden Meadow. There is a website called that has a listing of the cities and towns by state that have speed traps. I don't think all the towns that they have for La. are traps. But I may be wrong. I travel hwy. 19 often and Wilson and Norwood are towns one should slow down to 45 mph when going thru. Good luck.
thanks for the heads up
i must say, this blew my mind, ive never heard of this law, ive lived and fished in the state all my life, pulled many trailers, boat and utility, and never knew they needed an inspection sticker!

i cant speak for everyone, but i appreciate the heads up, now comes the problem of finding an inspection station that knows you need a sticker for a trailer or even how to process it on their computer.
turkeyhunter, did you find out if the police will start checking trailers for inspection stickers?? also, can the police pull you over just to check your trailer?? thanks!!
no crackdown on boat trailers that i could find out about--everyone laughed and said why would I do that ? unless you are stopped for another reason or in a wreck I sure never asked for any sticker or reg papers-- and then I wrote warnings for stickers or verbally told the owner to make it right
as far as cars go, its not about safety, its about emissions these days, global warming crap, at least thats why its $20 instead of $10 now for a brake tag. check engine light, catalytic converters, gas cap are some things they check for. these are not safety issues at all. i do agree they should have something for trailers too. i see way too many on road with no lights. if the people owning trailers cant keep up the lights, maybe they shouldnt own the trailer. as for the poor roads and being submersible, go all l.e.d., they are much brighter, no bulbs to blow, work fine underwater. problem solved! it sucks, but i will check into getting a tag now also, im sure its cheaper than a ticket.
no such thing as good submersible lights
I've never had any luck with underwater LED lights, even the so-called submersible ones. Saltwater dunkings and electricity just do not go together, H2O and rust find a way. LEDS are 3-4 times more expensive than regular lights, too, so losing those quadruple sucks.

I agree the LED lights are better, though, but put them on a pole up in the air. I've never had a problem since.
dr. spot
i put a bunch of dielectric grease on the bulbs and in the sockets and always unplug the trailer lights when i back in the water! seems to help!
operation trailer hitch

it was real and it happened a while ago. don't know if they are still cracking down on it
Cracking down on insp. stickers on trailers??? I pass a dozen trailers a week (in the dark) with not 1 working tail light or brake light, and have NEVER seen or heard of somebody getting a ticket for it. Maybe they should just start with that problem, and worry about the insp. stickers later.
get stuck
everything with a license plate requires an inspection sticker. I've inspected vehicles for 20 years and thats he way its always been. thesticker for a trailor will have a big X on it so it can't be applied to another vehicle and is expected to be kept with the registration on the tow vehicle.

the right cop on the wrong day will not be tolerant of ignornce for the law.