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what age

hey just want to know at what age did yall get your kids there first gun. my girl is 6 on her birthday and had planned getting her first bb gun. is she still to young or go ahead and get it?
well depends on your view of their maturity level. I am getting my kids BB guns at 5 and go from there... i started at 5 as well.... my $.2
'Safety vs Family Aspirations'
...why not judge on demeanor ??? does he keep his shoelaces tied...what about table manners and attention spand and can he handle euphoria ???'s just that some adult leaders just don't want to put these things together...sometimes it's better not to over-push !!!...cheers
Total Control
I have two bb guns for my 5 and 7 year grand girl and boy. I have total control when we shoot the paper plates off the patio! First lesson is Safety! Get one! Read the little safety booklet to them when you get it.
Yea, just invite me over for the gravy! Good luck!
Get it now!!!
I killed my first deer when I was nine, my little brother got his when he was 6. My oldest daughter got hers at 5, yes 5.

I get all my kids, nieces, nephews, and godchildren and hunting friends' children a BB gun for their BIRTH present????? May be weird, but that's what I do.

My youngest is now 3, her PARAN brought her BB gun to us IN THE HOSPITAL !!!

I won't push, but I will 'STEER'/'GUIDE' her in the RIGHT direction.

If all works out she will get hers next fall @ 4 !!!

Safety first, and the younger they learn gun safety, and respect, the safer they are. Providing the parent is 'NORMAL'???
bb gun
yeah i figured that i was 5 or 6 when i got my first so its time for hers. my wife says she to young but she'll just have to get over it. thanks for all of yalls .2 cents and have a good huntin season this year.
I have two girls and at the time they were 6 and 7.They both kept asking for bb guns for Christmas however my youngest one just wasnt ready maturity wise.Its all gonna depend on the child.
I say start them young
My daughter recieved her first BB gun for Christmas at age 4 and was ready to be introduced to gun safty. She then recieved a 410/.22 combo for her 5th birthday from Paw-Paw. I bought her a .243 for her seventh birthday. Two years ago I got her a .22 berreta neo and she was also ready to step up to a 20 guage auto. I taught her to be safe and respectful of the power of her guns and showed her what they were capable of. Now, as a 12 year old, She enjoys shooting and has killed a few deer and many ducks. You will know when they are ready, they will let you know they are interested.