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Shotgun Cleaning

I just bought a Benelli shot gun and i heard you have to clean the factory grease off before you fire it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use and how to do it.
Gun Scrubber
I bought my Benelli and was recommended Gun Scrubber by the gun store I bought it from.

I sprayed a light coat of gun scrubber across all working parts of the gun, wiped it down and let it dry.

I never had any problems.

The gun scrubber will over time remove the finish on the outside, so be careful to only get it on metal parts.
always clean and lube new gun
I tell everyone who buys a firearm from me to clean and lubricate it before firing. The grease they are shipped with is more of a protectant than a lubricant. You want just enough oil on the moving parts to keep them functioning smoothly. Too much oil or grease will actually trap dirt and trash and can cause malfuntions.