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pistol while bow hunting

ok ive always heard that when bow hunting you are allowed to carry a 22 pistol with rat shot only with you while hunting. the other day a friend said that is true only on wildlife reserves and if you are on private land you are allowed to carry a higher caliber pistol. is there any truth to this?
read the ldwf regs online
Page 8 of hunting regulations
it is unLaWfuL to:
1. carry a gun including those powered by air or other means while hunting with bow and arrow during the special bow and
arrow deer season exCePT, it is lawful to carry a .22 caliber rimfi re pistol loaded with #12 shot (ratshot) only.
2. have in possession or use any poisoned or drugged arrow or arrows with explosive tips.
3. hunt deer with a bow having a pull less than 30 lbs.
4. hunt with a bow or crossbow fi tted with an infrared, laser sight, electrically operated sight or device specifi cally designed
to enhance vision at night (does NOT include non-projecting red dot sights; RS 56:116.1.(b)(4)).

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