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Ethanol Free Gas Stations

Does anybody know what gas stations around the broussard/youngsville/lafayette area are ethanol free?
ethanol free gas!
surprised you didn't see it on here before! cajun pete has a site for ethanol free gas stations! go to! he has been working really hard to fight against ethanol fuel! i think he has a list of over 400-500 ethanol free gas stations in louisiana on his site!! i think, we all really need to thank pete for everything he's done for us and what he's continuing to do!!! GREAT JOB PETE!!!!
I agree we all need to thank Pete for the hard work and research he douse for us.I did not know where to get my fuel from in Carencro for my boat and looked on his site and found one right here.Now I use that station for all my vehicles.Thank you Cajun Pete for everything you do for us.
Thanks Pete
Yea that is awesome!!! What a big help he is doing for everyone!
IN Carencro
ethonol free gas thats going to stay that way. we also sell bait, tackle and chips and stuff so come up. exit 4 off i-49, take a left down to dons country mart, and we are across the street..cant miss it. 700 Vetarans Dr. Carencro,la.
Hope it stays like that. I buy all my gas with yall!!!!
Search for Ethanol Free Gas
'cdugas15', I actually have over 950 ethanol free gas stations on my website's list. You can search the list by Parish or City to find a station in the area you're looking for. The website is I just checked and my list has 2 stations in Broussard, 2 in Youngsville and 5 in Lafayette.

The station in Carencro that is mentioned by another poster is 'C & M Food Mart' at 700 Veterans Drive with phone 337-896-8483.

In early June, I had 1,022 stations on the list. Then on June 21st, Marathon Oil decided to stop selling ethanol free gas from their Garyville Refinery. They were the largest supplier of ethanol free gas to south and particularly north Louisiana. I've had to take 72 stations off the list since they stopped selling ethanol free gas, most in North Louisiana. Inside sources told me that in July, the first month after Marathon stopped selling ethanol free gas, their Louisiana gas sales dropped OVER 50%! Several distributors I know who were buying ethanol free and ethanol gas from Marathon revolted and started buying their ethanol gas at Shell and Exxon to spite Marathon.

Thanks for all the compliments on the website fellows. I'm doing my darnest to inform consumers about ethanol gas and especially of the new 15% ethanol gas coming soon. I've been seeing a few articles of late that REALLY CONCERN me! When the EPA announced the new 15% ethanol gas, it was voluntary if you wanted to carry it. However, it appears that some Obama cronies are making noise that they may make it mandatory that stations carry 15% ethanol gas. There is a very serious problem if that happens! To carry 15%, stations very likely have to drop 10% ethanol as they would not have enough tanks to supply both (most all new stations have only two gas tanks - one for regular and another for premium. The pumps blend the two to make the 'mid-grade'). If they switched from 'E-10' to 'E-15', and, if consumers can't find a source of ethanol free gas, that would be nothing short of 'CATASTROPHIC'! The ONLY engines that EPA says can use 15% ethanol in their announcement is 2001 and newer cars and light trucks and 'Flex' vehicles. NOTHING else can use 15% ethanol!!! Then I learned just last week that a close friend has a 2004 Toyota Camry, and his owners manual says 'do not use any gasoline with greater than 10% ethanol'!

Auto manufacturers believe that 15% ethanol gas could reduce the engines's life by as much as 50,000 miles!

I recently gave a presentation to two Rotary Clubs, one in Eunice (NW of Lafayette) and another in Bay Springs, MS. They invited me to give my ethanol gas presentation to their members. They were totally surprised at what they learned and thanked me profusely. If you know of an organization that would like to invite me to give my presentation to a group, have them e-mail me at The presentation lasts about 25 minutes plus questions. All I ask is that they pay my expenses and make a small donation to help the operation of my website.

I'll keep everyone informed of this here and also on my website. Stay tuned.

'Pete' Landry
Resource Page to Locate Ethanol-Free Gas
Hey Pete -Haven't heard from you in a long time - I did not even know until today (found here) that you have a website with a list of ethanol-free gas stations in Louisiana...Would you like me to add it to my resource page?

From what I've been hearing recently, your list may dwindle fast in LA and some other states - Soon you may be just like us here in Long Island, NY -Not one single E0 station left, not even the private marinas...Hope to hear from you soon - You have my email and phone number-
Fuel-Testers Company
Dont believe what you see
WARNING-just cause someone has a site that claims to have stations with ethanol free fuel does not mean the station actually is selling ethanol free fuel. Just saying- Trust Me, Buyer Beware!!!!!!
To Gail of Fuel-Testers
Gail, yes, please add my website to Fuel-Testers. I'd really appreciate that.

Please drop me an e-mail at when you have installed it.

To 'Henslayer'
'Henslayer', I never have guaranteed that every station on my list is 100% accurate at any point in time. Stations do switch to ethanol gas if and when their supplier can no longer obtain ethanol free gas. I have no control over that.

With 945 stations on the list, I would hope you would understand that it is near impossible for me to check each station on the list daily to see if they have converted to ethanol gas. It took me near a year to build this list. I obtained a list of all gas stations in the State from the Department of Agriculture and called most of they myself. I ask all my readers for help in letting me know if they learn of a station on my list that has converted to ethanol gas. When I am notified of such, I take it off my list within 2 days, unless I am out of town of course.

If you learn of anyone or website that offers better and more accurate information than I have on my site, please let me know. If you do learn of one, maybe I can partner with them.

Merry Christmas to ALL!

Fuel -testers comment below-- I am going to order a kit because i dont believe the pumps that dont have a alcohol sticker--how easy is it to remove and claim no alcohol.
Why isnt there a chemical you can add that will remove the alcohol ? Im certainly not a chemist but if I were Id find that chemical and sell it .
Don't Know of a Way to Remove Ethanol
'Turkey Hunter'......I wish it were that easy to remove the ethanol, but alas, I don't know of any additive or method of doing that. Since ethanol is corrosive to marine aluminum fuel tanks and engine components, if boaters cannot find ethanol FREE gas and must use ethanol gas, I recommend they use the 'Sta-Bil' Marine formula (blue color) since it has a very large amount of stabilizer and also a corrosion inhibitor, which I don't believe any other additive has.

The ethanol gas test kit sold by Fuel-Testers' is a very good one and is the one I use. I keep it in my truck. I tell readers on my website, if there is any doubt that the fuel you are preparing to put into your boat tank might contain ethanol, use your test kit to check it.

Thanks & Question
Right before I was about to post a request for this kind of information I saw this thread. Thanks for the website Pete. Turns out there's a station not 5 minutes from my house. Big help!
Gas Stations
Hey Mackeral I can show you plenty of non ethanol gas stations by your house, shoot me an email I will show you around some time! I will also show you the proper way to launch a boat when your on a 80 degree ramp.
Let Me Know if You Know of More Ethanol Free Gas Stations
Hey 'Fishnmoney', if you learn of ethanol FREE gas stations that are NOT currently on my website's list, please e-mail me with details so I can add to the list please. I need the station name, city, parish, address and phone number if available. E-mail to


smell it
If you question whether the gas is ethanol or not, just smell it. They smell nothing alike and are easily distinguishable.
Smell Test Can be Harmful to Your Health
Hey 'over-articulate redneck', I don't recommend that you do a 'smell test' on gasoline. Nearly all gasolines contain small amounts of benzene, which has been implicated with lukemia.

Buy a test kit instead.........