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Boat safety

As hunting season begins numerous outdoorsman and women will hit our bodies of water in this great state. Some haven't fired up their boats since the season ended, and others are in them regularly. None the less, we all need to take a moment and caution ourselves to the dangers that cold weather , water, and our passions presents to us. Use the 'What if?' method to determine what you add to your supplies. A few simple items can be the difference between a bad experience and a horrible ending. You are always going to need the essentials that the state requires and I have attached a checklist to this post for those of you that may question a few things. I am here to see what others on the forum can add to insure that we all have a safe and bountiful hunting season. A few things that I like to carry are: a few trash bags (for my mess as well as a few others), a couple extra flashlights , extra batteries ( for all of our gadgets especially if you are relying on a GPS) , fully charged cell phone, Ziplocs, first aid kit (add a little extra to yours when you get it from the store because they don't ever seem to have enough band aids lol) 1-2 extra life jackets, extra paddle, and a change of clothes in a dry bag/box of some sort. These few Items can really be a lifesaver god forbid the Murphy's Law takes into effect. A few other practices that are commonly overlooked is letting someone know (that will notice you gone) an approximant location that you will be in. Check your boat's running lights BEFORE you put it in the water, as well as, your trailer lights before your trip. All these little preventative measures can make you and the others around you a little more safe doing the things we love, and most importantly bring you home to the ones you love. Thank you for your time and enjoy your hunting adventures throughout our state. Please wear your life Jacket
Good Post
Good post, as a fellow duck hunter I can appreciate the heads up.
life jackets
As someone out on the water as much as possible, I certainly don't see enough folks wearing life jackets while underway. I purchased one of the auto/manual inflatables from West (Academy and others have them as well) and they are worth the money. They are lightweight and you practically don't know they are even on. I know they are a bit expensive, but compared to what we all spend money on for fishing/hunting/electronics, it is well worth the investment.
One thing that every hunter needs to have is a survival bag. waterproof bag w/
1. Reflective space blanket
2. 5- 55 gallon trash bags
3. roll of parachute cord
4. waterproof matches
5 some type of dry tinder in a ziplock bag to use when starting a fire.
6.flint and steel ,to start fire when you get your matches wet.
7. Food and drink . high carb high fat bars or MRE's, a couple of packs of hot chocolate and powdered gator aid are nice to have
8. water or a small purifying filter and tablets.
9 signaling mirror
10 compass.
11. fishing line and hooks
And the most important thing is the knowledge on how to efectivly use each individual item in your bag to survive.
W/ this bag that weighs less than 3 lbs and some knowledge you can survive in the marsh or woods for a good while.
And another VERY Important thing is once you realise that you are stuck and / or lost do not start wandering around thinking you can find your way out. Stop and find a suitable place to set up shelter / make a fire (safely ) and make a place to sleep. when they wander, most folks end up way away from there original location making it harder for searchers to find them.
A survival bag can be tailored to the type of area you will be hunting / fishing / boating in and to the type of climate you will be in.
'Safety Above All'
...great intelligent info...we all need it, also those flare guns kept in a boat sure do make the nite's sky look pretty...(mixed w/a million stars) !!! cheers
good point
Good point E. A way to build a fire can be key in some situations. I have also personally seen several people get lost in the woods and wind up 5-6 MILES from where they were suppost to be. If in the woods, a compass and a deck of cards can get you out. I was always taught that if you realise you are lost sit down and play a hand of cards. This will give your brain time to process your location. Using sounds, sunlight, and a little destressing you usually catch your head in a few mins.
'Lost in 'da Big Swamps '
...also remember you will walk in a 'circle' depending on whatever leg is shorter than the other...I don't know if it works 'da same w/ 1/2 brains ???...cheers

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