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Deer Stand Up

Finally Got my MOJO up, My 1st Stand to be Placed on my 6 Acres out in Livingston Parish, Not Bad Price either i got total of Bout $50 in it Ready for that Buck i found Hookin aka Rubbin From Yesterday. Time to Pour the Feed to it. Hope to Have my 1st Kill off it Next weekend w/150 lbs Crossbow........
RE: Stand Up
Make sure you clear all palmetto branchs away on the trail to your stand.
When I hunted like this I also cut trails leading from the bedding areas to my stand. A deer will take the path of least resistance I have found over the years and eventually will make this a normal route. Good luck. I always liked hunting palmetto swamps and ridges
Thanks for info Tough Palmettoes, Ir pretty clear where stand in a Oak Bottum, Got my Corm on lil Stump Hill Bout 30 yard Shot Seen Deer DAroppin Yesterday when went put on Feed@Corn Pile......
Up Top
You could also hang some of the palmettos around the top of the stand. I do that with the magnolias in Ms. Good luck!!

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