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Left lane drivers

Hey...Hey you...The idiot in the Red Toyota Tacoma that drove in the left lane from Laplace to Metairie on I-10....GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE IF YOU ARE NOT PASSING SOMEONE!!! It doesn't matter if you are doing the speed limit, MOVE OVER. If you want to be a Highway Patrolman, go to the Academy and become one but, untill then, MOVE OVER. How do you know that the guy trying to pass you for 15 miles was not on his way to the hospital to see a love one? Maybe he needed to get to the Airport for a flight. Also, please take the Louisiana Sportsman Fleur de lis sticker off the back of your truck window so that people don't think all of the Sportsman with those stickers are idiots like you. There...I'm done...
He mad
but I agree.
Maybe you need to learn how to drive if you can't pass someone within 15 miles.
da truff
I honestly believe they don't teach this when taking your driving test.

its a LAW. I just wish the cops would use it more often. The only time I seen them pull someone over for driving in the left lane was to mess with a suspicious vehicle at night when they were the only one on the road.

and no it wasn't me
bad driving
Nothin worse!! I really dont like it when theres a cop on the road so nobody will pass! I just make my way through and ease on by,only once did I have one do anything and all he did was flash his lights at me and kept goin.
'Ziggy Flippy Types'
...there a old say'n w/aircraft people about always 'telegraphing' any moves...but the 'Advanced Ziggy Flippys' just simply can't get it!!!...some don't even know what a 'stick shift' all about ???'s too much trouble to learn while text'n !!! cheers
Right on.
The Rabbit hit the nail on the head with the Ziggy Flippy Types.
I agree with Bird Dog about the cops. They don't need to be on the highway!
And as far as the slow driver in the left lane, I love him! I'll get on the right side of him and slow down to his speed for a mile or two! ROLLING ROADBLOCK!! I feel like I'm saving lives! Good luck!
The only thing you are protecting is the ongoing stereotype that people in louisiana and mentally inept. We have you to thank for highway inefficiency and the continuation of this simple minded culture. Why not just drive where you need to go and mind your business. Moving roadblock... how old are you 16, just got your liscense and trying to start stuff with people on the road?
'The Interstate Rodeo Calves'
Yea poppincork...and you can always spot the leaning 'Bar Stool Buddies' from about 4:00 PM on...they always try to run in their bumper to bumper groups of gas burn'n P/U trucks...while bite'n their nails about'dem big,big truck notes and the price of gas and miss'n 'dat 8 ball in 'da side pocket !!!...cheers !!!
Pass me
If you wanted to pass me you should have flashed your lights.


In your defense it does suck having to deal with that!!
Don't get me started, AG! Definitely one of my pet peeves.
who cares
................ so I'd have to guess you tail gated him the whole 15 miles to prove your point , so who is more a meance to society you or him ................
andy griffith?
i guess sometimes, some people just don't get the point, thats trying to be made??? personally, i agree with you 100%!!! traffic would flow a lot smoother and be a lot safer, if some people would have a little more common sense and stay out of the left lane except for passing!!
But I'm in the 'right' lane! Good luck.
Only works for me I guess
Not defending the left lane driver here but was there someone on the side of him in the right line that entire time.

You might want to try what I do. I move into the lane on the right side of the left lane driver. Then after doing that I set my speed to be faster than the left lane driver. Very shortly I am ahead of him/her and on my merry way. Really it is just as easy to pass on the right side of a car as on the left.
The Law
Mike, sometimes it might be just as easy to pass someone in the right lane, but I think the whole point trying to be made is that THE LAW states the left lane is for passing only. If you are not passing someone you should be in the right lane, period.

It's these types of drivers that create the road rage & tailgating. If you don't want someone riding your bumper move over. Sounds like a pretty simple concept to me.
left lane drivers
God I wish I could comment on this subject without coming off the wrong way.
I won't,y'all have a good day.
Louisiana Revised Statute 32.71 or as it is commonly called...'The Trooper Lane'
you hit a nerve my friend!!
I cant stand anyone who does this, and in my opinion their are just some people that shouldnt be given driving privleges! they should be forced to walk or have a horse and buggy and stay on the service streets!!!
so was the guy going the speed limit? actually although aggravating its legal and sounds like you were the one trying to break the law and speed. Either way it should be simple enough to pass him. Sounds like a case of road rage
Trooper Lane
trout - Yes, speeding is illegal but so is DRIVING in the left lane. Not only is it illegal to DRIVE in the left lane it is also illegal to drive in the left lane when traffic in the right lane is travelling at a higher rate of speed than the jackhole in the left lane.
This is put in place because the majority of people speed. It is more dangerous for someone to drive below the posted speed limit in the PASSING LANE and have people driving to get around them then it is for people to speed 5-10 miles above the posted speed limit.
This law is enforced, but there are so few Troopers patrolling the Interstates that it's hard to really effect this.
I've just come to realize that some people just feel the need to be in that left lane. I can't tell you how many times I have seen people stay in that lane and when someone gets behind them they will change to the right lane. As soon as the faster vehicle passes, the slow vehicle moves right back into the left lane. That's when I hit my blue lights and educate them...
yeah i get ya jb but for someone to get that worked up over a guy driving in the left lane? I agree its annoying but people do annoying things all the time, just get over and pass him. And let people like you take care of him. someone pulling out on you or not turning their blinker on is also annoying and illegal... Just man up, brush it off and go on with your day... Its not that big a deal
left lane driver
Anybody who purposly does this is a tool. You suffer from cranial rectal inversion. no exceptions.
get over it man ,you could not pass someone in 15 miles makes me wonder about your driving skills.
Left Lane
I only use the left lane for passing. But my biggest pet peeve is when I have my cruise set, am passing a car, and someone with no patience is right on my bumper waiting for me to move over.

One thing I can guarantee is if I can't see your headlights, I WILL drive the same speed as the car on the right everytime.

AS SOON AS you back off, I will proceed to pass and move over.

When on a two-lane highway, the closer you get to my bumper the slower I will drive. And yes that means doing 25 in a 55 on a curvy winding road where you cannot pass me.

I'll always let cars get in front of me and drive in the right lane when not passing. But I cannot stand tailgaters. I will drive at a safe enough speed such that if I have to slam on my brakes, you won't hit me from behind.
way to much drama!!!!!!!!!!
JB,, Can I please borrow your blue lights ? ? :)

Don't ya'll know the left lane is so much smoother pavement than the right lanes are ? ? :)

Besides,, maybe they got to turn left in their travels,, an' if they are in the right lane they may plumb forgit to make that left turn in the next mile, or 20...

It frustrates me as well when these people use the left lane for speed control efforts or whatever the case ends up being. It sucks, but there again it always has, just becaase there's now a law against that, don't mean they gonna respect it anymore that they have before,,,,

In New Mexico and parts of Texas, both city and state law would pull your butt over in a hurry, and the fines were farily respectful too.I wish there were more presence and fines passed on to these wonderful lefties...

To me, a slow driver in the left lane would be a prime canidate for an officer checking for some fashion of imparment,be it chemical induced or stupidity.