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Lowrance hds7 with insight

Dear capt paul,
I've recently purchased a lowrance hds 7 with insight. I took it out in the hopedale area this weekend. The maps are totally off. I was under the impression it would have Most of the major marsh and bay areas, well I was wrong. It don't even show the twin pipeline. Lake Amadee is way off etc... What can I do to correct this?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Shawn880 ~

The first thing you can do is to be sure that you are using the WGS 84 Datum setting. This will have the GPS more accurately depict the proper position on the existing Insight mapping program.

The second is to start looking for a supplemental mapping program that can be installed on the various map screens be means of a memory card.

The third is to call the Lowrance support section at 1-800-324-1356 and speak to a technician about the inaccuracy and lack of details that the Insight program has.

The HDS 7 comes with the Lowrance Nautic Insight mapping as an “enhanced” basemap. It is also compatible with
Lowrance Insight HD Cartography and other 3rd party mapping such as Navionics. Be careful, as all of the Navionics programs will not work in some HD units. Some of the Navionics programs can be over $300.00.

I believe that the HD in the Insight designation, refers to the screen images and not necessarily the accuracy or details of the map itself. I suggest that you visit a stocking Lowrance dealer and actually view their Lowrance INSIGHT HD EAST mapping. When doing so, “zoom in” to two or three of your fishing locations and see if this mapping program will suit your needs.

The Insight HD – East is shown as Part # 000-10041-001 and lists for $99.00. The
High Definition mapping card covering the East & Gulf coasts of the USA.
Only works with HDS mapping units. Check it out on the Lowrance Web site

Most, if not all, of the Navionics programs are based only on NOAA marine charts. Although these are the best in the world for indicating the Aids to Navigation lights buoys, cans and nuns along the established commercial marine channels, they are notoriously poor in depicting the areas that are not adjacent to these channels.

My latest NOAA chart for Black Bay (11364) is dated 2006 and is in 1:80,000 scale. It shows the twin pipelines in the Four Horse Lake area, but it still shows SNAKE ISLAND as an island. If you fish that area, you will know that Snake Island has not been an island in over thirty years, yet is was shown as such as late as 2006. The rest of the marsh areas are shown, but not in great detail.

I constantly recommend that those who fish and navigate the coastal marshes in Louisiana, seen out a mapping system that is based on U.S.G.S. Topographical maps. Topo maps generally are in 1:100,000 and 1:24000 scale. They are designed to show land features. Even though there are land maps, they work great in the myriad of bayous, canals, lakes, lagoons and bays that make up our marshes.

Again, go to a stocking dealer and view the INSIGHT HD, the NAVIONICS and any other mapping system that is available for the HDS series of units and pick one that will do for your type of need.

Captain Paul