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Words Can't Describe this Buck!

Well let me start off by saying I'm humbly Blessed by the good Lord!
I have trail cam pics of this Kansas buck back from 09. Didnt get any of him in 2010. Thought he got killed. I hunted a spot this morning that I had pics of him but I only saw one young buck. At 9:30 I decided to go scout a little knoll that jutted out into a cut bean field. I never hunted this little corner of the farm before because there wasn't much to it. The closer I got to this knoll I realized it was the perfect spot for a buck to bed up. It was only about 3/4 an acre but it was on a high vantage where he could see. It butted up to a CRP field. I knocked an arrow and eased along looking for tines in the grass. I was about half way the knoll to the CRP when I looked ahead and see a Huge Rack coming my way. I crouched down and got ready for a shot opportunity. He strolled up to 20 yards and looked right at me. I thought it's now or never man! I drew and let the string drop and he wheeled and tore otta there! I knew I had hit him so I ran to see where he was and he had stopped on the woods edge across the field. He stood there twitching his tail, then I saw him stumble!!!!
He walked into the edge and flopped down. I took a seat and watched him for an hour. Then I knocked another arrow and eased up on him. He was Done! I dropped to my kness, Thanked the Good Lord with tears streamimg down my face. The buck of a Lifetime and with my Zona recurve to boot. He was 288 pounds on my Moultrie Scale!
Gross score 183 5/8
What tops it off alomost even more is with a recurve, pert near a lost art form !

That is bad to the bone. stalk and shoot with traditional. It doesn't get more challenging than that. Huge respect.
You are the MAN!
Corey, you need to get your own hunting show. Every time I think you have scored on the buck of a lifetime--you top it with another bigger one! Man that sucker is off the charts! And with a recurve! Yes you are definitely blessed my brother. I am so happy for you and can only hope that one day I could take a buck even half as nice as this one.
Congrats Corey! What a HOG!
Man...he is Huge!!!! That is one fine deer! Congrats!
big buck
Pete sent me a couple of pics but got dammn they dont do this deer justice that sumbitch is huge! good pics great deer