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Late Fog Report

Made a morning trip with my neighbor this past Sunday to 'the big bridge' in Lake P. Launched at Mandeville Harbor and as soon as we were out of the harbor the fog slapped us. Made the slow damp ride to the bridge and dropped the trolling motor and started working the poles. Caught a couple nice ones right away but had to work at the rest to try and build a nice box. My neighbor caught on quickly to the 'pontchartrain pop'! Headed back to the harbor in the fog around 11 with:

15 solid trout (no pigs that day)
1 black drum (released)
lots of missed bites (typical)
All fish caught on Dudleys (slamin' sammys & opening night) and Matrix Shads (midnight mullet, & shrimp creole)

Was definately an uncomfortable feeling trolling along the bridge and could hear a boat getting closer but saw NOTHING until it was right by us!! BE CAREFUL out in the fog, take your time the fish will still be there!!
Decided to take a picture of the box after some trout had already met the filet knife. The other picture was driving home yesterday at mid-lake.
new I should not have slept in. Buddy
Lake P
Hey How were ya workin them Off the Bottum?? Hoping it or fishing like Worm Or Reel drop reel drop?
Foggy Fun
Nice catch J. Yeah it's nice to hear the boats running around ya but never see them...not real fond of it personally.