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Vacuum Sealer

I am looking to get a good vacuum sealer. What is the best bang for the buck? With the price of a roll of bags were is the best place to get some.
   e-man (R)
If you are wanting to spend less than $200 get the food saver model V3420 . Cheapest box store is wally world or sams for the unit.
online is the cheapest.
If you can spend a bit more ,look at some of the professional series at cabellas.
There is a few places on line to get the bags cheaper than any box store.
If you got to there have been some good member reviews of different vac sealers and there are reviews on the different after market bags and sites they are available from.
I bought a rival one at wally world for about $40 or so. It works great and have had it for about four years running strong. As far as the freezer bags I dont like the rolls but prefer the quart bags. It may cost slightly more for those as opposed to the roll but you dont have to waist time sealing one end trying to get the perfect size bag. For the way I package my deer for use the quart bags are perfect-----I usually package 1.75# packs of ground in each, on my fresh sausages about six links per I could probably squeeze more in but those amounts work well for the size of my family. I figure Id have to go through 5 cheap ones before I broke even on a Cabelas $200 one at the rate Im going thats 20 plus years so Ill roll with' el cheapo' Ive used professional ones in the restaurant indusrtry that cost a couple thousand but my $40 one gets the air out and seals it well. One tip roll down your bag edges before filling so that the part that has to seal is dry seems to work better in my opinion. Be cool
check out the renolds handi-vac. i really like it. it is portable running on AA batteries and i use the ziploc vacuum ziploc bags. it is a lot cheaper and less hassle.