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What do you do with lesser cuts

I was just curious as to what yall do with your lesser grade cuts from your deer and other biggame?
By lesser cuts Im talkin the ribs, neck, shanks etc. I hate to waiste any of a deer that I get so I always take all available meat from the carcass. I used to do my best to bone out the shanks and neck cutting away rib meat and adding that all to the ground meat/sausage that I would make. I have since started cooking all that in a crockpot on low over night usually Ill add a couple cans of green chili enchilada sauce and let it braise slow until the meat peeles off of the bones----the left over bones usually ends up as treats for my dogs. This meat mix we can then use to make enchiladas, burrittos, shredded meat tacos etc. Other ideas that you could cook the same way would to make crockpot BBQ, for venison sloppy joes, add brown gravy homemade or canned to the crock with that same meat slow cook for a debris like experience. Its also really good cooked in the crock with some tomato sauce either homemade or from a can.You could even just use water and some diced vegys as it cooks when done add seasoning to your liking and some gelatin to make a pretty good 'head cheese' Just some ideas of an easy things that can be done with some of those bonier cuts also you can throw the boned out leg bones in there as well. I talk to many fellow hunters and most seam to just eat the backstraps and then make ground meat and sausage. I guess for a lack of ideas as to do with the game. Try a couple of those and remember before you throw those ribs or shanks out in the gut pile that those things can provide some good eating and more variety than burgers and sausage. If youve got electricity at your camp not much easier than taking those right from the deer popping them in your crock pot in the am and comming back to camp when its cold to a hot homestyle dinner. Just a thought yall be cool and have a great season.
I smoke necks and then oven to cook to 160 then shred for tamales or BBQ.
I grind it up an make deer jerky.
Deer ribs
Put ribs in a deep sided baking pan add one sliced yellow onion or which ever kind you prefer, a few pieces of garlic,lightly salt and pepper ribs,pour in one dark beer(Guiness is what i use). Cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350 till ribs pull off meat and enjoy.
Deer meat
I make ground meat with all of my deer meat except for the back straps and loins I just put 180 pounds of ground meat in the freezer from a Missouri trip we don't buy ground meat all year I use it for burgers/tacos/spaghetti and anything else you could use ground meat for
Deer Ribs & Neck
I too am fortune enough to process my own deer meat. I also, cook my ribs in the oven with onions and bell peppers along with barbecue sauce on top until tender. I will make you want to slap someone. But, I also cut them up into about 2-3 inch pieces and boil them in a soup pot. It makes great meat for home made soup. It will give it a flavor like no other. I throw in the leg shanks as well.
On the deer neck. I slice it into pieces, at each joint, and cook it down with all the seasoning along with tomato paste and tomato sauce to make a spaghetti gravy. Let it cook in an black iron pot for about 2-4 hours and you will be soaking up the laft over gravy with bread. I also put in parts of the front shoulders for extra meat in the pot.
These are just a few other things you can do with your ribs and necks. Hope You Enjoy.
cut it up and make jambalaya
Re: What do you do with lesser cuts
I did a deer neck in the pot after a crab boil, then into crockpot over night with BBQ sauce. Made great BBQ sandwiches with that crab boil taste!

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