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larry gaudet

purchased your program port sulphur edge. i have questions about the supplied gps locations (The printed ones. ) the 3 printed sheets have different gps numbers than the 11 printed sheets called MARKERS. The sheets called markers have the same gps no. as the ones on my gps unit. the ones on the 3 sheets are way off. The 3 sheets are useless. if i were to input the ones on the 3 sheets i would be fishing in venice not port sulphur. example PS10 marker sheet has 029*26.6426'N 089*44.1498W Which is what my gps shows and the same as on google earth. the one on the 3 sheets has 29.44404 -89.73583 I do notknow the name of the 3 sheets. Larry Gaudet at
The Positions are CORRECT!
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Larry Gaudet ~

Larry, I DON’T believe that your plotting of the EDGE “PS10” waypoint listed on the three pages of the Spread sheet file is correct. Nor are the positions listed in the Three Sheets you described useless.

Evidently you did not read the INSTRUCTIONS document that was included with your order. The three sheets you describe are in an Excel spread sheet format and are NOT useless. The positions on these sheets are all correct.

To quote the “INSTRUCTIONS” document that was sent with your order, you will find that the three pages are in an Excel spreadsheet format and are the same waypoint positions as the Acrobat map overlay and position description file and the same positions as the Humminbird data transfer program written in the prescribed Humminbird protocol. In the event that you longer have the INSTRUCTIONS file, I will enclose it as an attachment and resend it to the email address that you listed with your order.

As explained in the INSTRUCTIONS, the spread sheet file, which is the three pages of data you described, is written with its positions in DECIMAL Degreees (DDD.dddd). The Acrobat map file and descriptions are written in DEGREES, MINUTES and THOUSANDTHS OF MINUTES (DDD,MM.mmm). For instance the As described in the instructions, the spread sheet should be used as a backup in order to manually enter the locations should you have a failure in your GPS unit.

Please note that the first position in the spread sheet is a waypoint listed as PS01MR. It has a description of HIGH RIDGE MARINA with a position expressed in DECIMAL DEGREES (DDD.ddddd) of 29.49105 ~ -89.71416.
The same waypoint for the marina is listed in the Acrobat map and instruction file as “PS01mr” and has a position stated in Degrees, Minutes and thousandths of minutes (DDD,MM.mmm) with a latitude longitude value of 29° 29.4631’ N ~ 089° 42.8498’ W.

The same holds true for the waypoint PS10. The DDD.ddddd position of 29.44404° ~ -089.73561° in the spreadsheet file is the exact same location for the “Dam in Canal” location that is expressed as DDD,MM.mmmm ( 29° 26.6426’ N ~ 089° 44.1498’ W). Do the math and you will see that they are both equal.

If you wanted to convert the Decimal Degrees format to Degrees, minutes and thousandths of minutes, you should multiply the decimal part of the position by 60, and add it to the whole degree value. ie. 29.49105° =
29+ (.49105 x 60 = 29.463’) which is 29° 29. 463’ north latitude. This is the same value that is shown in the 8+ pages of the map and description file for that waypoint. Both ways of expressing the position are correct. Both position formats are for the SAME location, only expressed differently. This gives the user an opportunity to use either format when manually entering waypoints into his GPS receiver.

To enter the Decimal Degrees format into your GPS which you stated is set up for DDD,MM.mmmm, you would either have to mathematically convert the values or simply change the POSITION FORMAT in your unit to DDD.dddd and THEN enter the position. When complete, simply re-configure your unit back to the DDD,MM.mmmm format. If your unit can only take positions with three decimal places in the minutes format (MM.mmm) round off the value to fit in that configuration.

The instructions Page reads in part, “ Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints

Thank you for you order of CAPTAIN PAUL'S FISHING EDGE of GPS WAYPOINTS. I am sure that you will find them MOST useful in your fishing trips to the area(s).
Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints for use with HUMMINBIRD PC data Conversion program.

Attached to this email you will find my CAPTAIN PAUL'S FISHING EDGE of GPS Waypoints you requested. It is in the form of a HUMMINBIRD computer file with a .GPX suffix. I have also included an ACROBAT PDF file of a map that shows the positions of the waypoints as well as a Microsoft Excel file that includes a description and latitude–longitude of each of the Waypoint locations. The Excel Latitude~Longitude figures are stated in Decimal Degrees (H,DDD.ddddd). I suggest that you save the data and then print the Acrobat and Excel files as a reference, backup and hard copy “On Board” assistant. I carry my Excel version sorted by latitude and printed as a backup.

Be sure to check the Acrobat (pdf) which is a general map overlay, and has following pages that contain the waypoint name, a description of the location, the Latitude~Longitude and in some cases a “how to fish” the location.“