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Hatsan Shotgun???

Has anyone ever owned a Hatsan shotgun? I'm wondering if they are any good or if they just another cheap shotgun. Pros & Cons would be nice if anyone has exspeirence with them. Thanks
My 9 year old son shoots a Hatsan/Escort 20 gauge gas auto (24' barrel). This is his 3rd season with it. No problems yet. Paid $300 for it new and well worth the dough for a kid's gun. More difficult to completely break down to clean compared to others though.
Escort Waterfowl Extreme
I just bought the 12 gauge 3' Escort Waterfowl Extreme from Puglia's in Metairie. It is a gas auto, Hi-viz sights, camoed with 5 internal chokes and one external extended range choke, 3 year warranty and on sale for under $500. My son shot it this weekend and I was extremely pleased with it. I took it down today and completely cleaned it in under 15 minutes.
I did plenty of research before I bought it and heard good and bad. Most of the bad I heard was from non-owners that wanted to recommend their high priced guns. I have a Benelli SBE and that gun has jammed on me plenty of times. It is usually caused by the cheaper shells I have bought when trying to save a few bucks these days.

See Anthony over at Puglias's in Metairie.
Hatsan Escort Extreme
Only because the fact that I buy shotguns for collection reasons. I am always wondering if the $1500 guns vs the cheaper guns is really worth the hype.

Well let me tell you. I purchased a Hatsan Escort Extreme this season for giggles, and I HAVE NOT PUT IT DOWN ALL SEASON.

This is the lightest gun on the market. It shoots extremely well, patterns just as good as any other if not better than most.

NOW, I will say this, I own 2 Benellis, 1 Franchi, 5 Remingtons, 2 Berettas, 1 Browning, and tons of PUMPs in various brands.

Will this gun LAST as long?? I do not know. As of now it is one hell of a gun to shoot. But I have only owned it for 8 months.

My recommendation is for $500 I would buy this gun all day long and probably buy more than one. The people at legacy are great help also.

Now as far as CHAD BELDING, I spoke to him personally months ago before I purchased this gun. I asked him directly if it was a sponsor driven deal for him to promote this gun as much as he does. He told me point blank. The gun impressed him so much, that he and his FOWL LIFE team could not pass up the gun.